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By: Myra Panache


The party was in high gear, with the music blaring in the backyard which sat on 2 acres of land. 


Near the DJ booth, Deja and her best friend Rayne showed off their choreographed dance steps on the dance floor as James “Homie” Holmes and Pierce cheered them on.


Payne “Soldier Boy” Hall was one of the few white people at the party but it made no difference, he fit right in and was enjoying himself.


You could barely hear yourself talk over the music.


Off in the distance, a BBQ chef applied a rub on the baby back ribs and prepared wagyu hand crafted  burgers, wagyu steaks and wagyu sausage (ordered from Panache Report’s billionaire club) on two additional grills. 


The burgers were topped with red onion jam, 2 cheeses (cooper cheese/fiscal ini cheddar) and a side of seasoned fries, accompanied by (long hot aioli dipping sauce) or black garlic ketchup.


The aroma filled the air and had everyone hungry.


Just then, the chef’s culinary assistant brought out homemade potato salad, baked beans and cheesy garlic bread topped with slice/smoked garlic cloves as well as deep dish apple cobblers, German chocolate and Red Velvet cakes.


Earlier, the guests had devoured appetizers, which included: (seafood dip with flour tortilla chips) and crab cake sliders along with lobster roll sliders supplied by Homie Holmes who considered himself a gourmet cook.


And if that wasn’t enough, just in case you didn’t like grilled steaks, you had two additional choices of having it prepared via the Sous Vide method which allowed it to be cooked better than the best steak house after being sealed in a plastic bag and cooked at a desired temperature using your Sous Vide device.


Or you could have your ribeye or filet mignon cooked on a customized volcanic rock heated to 850 with wild herb butter.


This outdoor party also included guests playing volleyball while others watched a film on an outdoor movie screen.


A  few of the invitees were having their own pool party in the Infinity pool.


And a storyteller was hired to tell stories around a campfire.


And guests were greeted with a tuxedoed doorman upon their arrival.


Bartenders had also been hired to mix exotic drinks into the night.


And a stage had been erected in the backyard so Deja’s favorite rapper could perform later in the evening.


When Deja got off the dance floor, Jacks took the opportunity to congratulate her goddaughter for graduating from college with a degree in Criminal Justice.


Jacks and Deja’s mother (Shirley) had been best friends for years; Shirley was a computer wiz and had expertise in logistics; before she retired, she assisted in high profiled cases involving HVT’s (High Value Targets).  


Shirley’s husband was a retired boxer.


They lived in Beverly Hills.


Deja hugged Jacks and G-Mac and thanked them for coming.  She then asked them how they were doing and Jacks responded that they had just gotten back from Turks & Caicos.


Deja smiled and then indicated that she would like to speak with them privately.


She led them to an empty room and everyone sat down.


She asked them if she could use them as references when applying to the CIA, NBA, NFL Security, Homeland Security, the Secret Service and the NSA.


They told her by all means. And Jacks added, she and G-Mac would help her with anything she needed.


Deja smiled and thanked them for influencing her throughout her life along with her mother and father.


And she thanked them for booking her favorite rapper. Jacks said, you have to thank Lear for that, she used a concierge service owned by the triplets: Clayton, Brayton and Drayton.


Deja smiled and added, I knew early on that I would major in Criminal Justice,  even before my ordeal and the murder of a college classmate convinced me that I had chosen the right field.


Jacks & G-Mac consoled Deja as she continued.


Before my ordeal, Daddy gave me boxing lessons in the backyard and turned me on to women’s boxing. I never miss a match.


Watching those women in the ring inspired me to take boxing lessons at a gym that catered to female boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).


At first, the gym owner was reluctant to sign me up because he said I looked more like a model (Vanity type) than a boxer but I told him, I wasn’t pursing a boxing career, I just wanted to learn the sport for self defense purposes because I get a lot of male attention and some of it is unwanted attention..


Soon I became adept at sparring, and I developed expertise on the punching bag and with the jumping rope; I also gained experience with kicks and punches.


Daddy and I have watched the the “Creed,” & Rocky Movies over and over again and I turned him on to the “Kingdom,” series.


Jacks & G-Mac were impressed.


G-Mac added, let us know if you change your mind about taking that job we arranged for you.


Deja said, although I really do appreciate it, I would like to come up in the trenches on my own, but thank-you, nevertheless.


Jacks said, well you know your bestie (Rayne) was recruited right out of college for her animation and FX skills as well as her information broker/research skills, not to mention her weapons skills, she tutored under Nikki for the last few years, and her deep fake techniques were perfected at an intelligence military base and she just finished assassin school in Arizona; she’s a quadruple threat and she will be ready for her first assignment soon.  Her being a blogger is a great cover.  And Payne Hall still tutors her with the long gun, which is quite impressive. You sure you don’t want to come work at our agency?


Deja said, I’m very proud of Rayne but Jacks, you know I have to do this my way.


G-Mac and Jacks told her they understood and that they would be there for her regardless.


After they did a group hug,  Deja said,  lets go eat and I want you to tell me how your team took down Domino Wilson’s empire earlier this year, that case blew me away! And is it true that she had a computer chip (with all her criminal contacts) sewn into her wrist?


G-Mac replied: Yes it’s true and people also use that method to have handcuff keys sewn into their wrist.


Deja said, what a cool concept.  I can add something like that to my gadget collection, you know I still collect spy gadgets.


Just then, Deja’s parents (Shirley & Andre) came into the room and told Deja that her guests were looking for her. 


It was a joyous time as they all gathered in the backyard and grabbed a plate and danced to the music.


Everyone raved about the wagyu burgers, steaks, links and  potato salad.


Around the same time, two local professional football players arrived and were directed upstairs to the gambling parlor where casino dealers dealt cards and chips.


Another room was occupied by people watching a PPV championship fight.


When guests departed, they were gifted with a bottle of champagne.


The remaining guests (relatives) who spent the night in the main house or various guest homes on the property were awaken to a catered breakfast featuring pancakes, seafood grits, eggs, home potatoes, buttered Texas toast, bacon, breakfast sausage, and polish sausage.


This party had everything and was the talk of the town for weeks.


The next day, for kicks, Deja ordered an authentic handcuff key online.


The day after it arrived, she tracked down a friend who moonlighted as a tattoo artist, with some effort, the friend sewed it underneath her wrist.


You could never be too careful in regards to security especially if you were a woman in today’s society.


Deja looked at her watch, she would make it just in time to meet Homie for lunch.



Homie grew up in the heart of Compton.


A small town with a dynamic hip hop legacy which produced rap superstars Dr. Dre, NWA, DJ Quik and Ice Cube.


It was the initial birthplace of the gangsta rap movement.


These rappers put Compton on the map.


Homie was the only boy with two younger sisters.  And he resembled a younger Michael Ealy.


Being the older child, he was very protective of his sisters and he became the man of the house at a young age but he didn’t mind, it made him more responsible and he had a heart of gold.


And Homie could adapt to anything, his mother (Lorraine) didn’t need to spend money on home repair, Homie could repair and fix anything and he was a great cook which made her job a lot easier.


Lorraine worked two jobs but supplemented her income selling her diabetic test strips.  Her insurance covered the cost and she paid a $5 deductible for a box of 100, later that evening, she would would order a shipping envelope from an online company that included free postage. She would then ship the strips and $70 would appear in her bank account each time she shipped a box. And it was perfectly legal.


While Homie and his sisters did household chores, his mother reminded them, when I was your age, me and your late uncle would finish our chores early because like every black kid in America, we would sit down and watch Soul Train at 11:00 a.m. each Saturday.  Those were the days.


When Homie turned 16, he got his drivers license and daydreamed about purchasing a slingshot or a used Mercedes.


Homie also became best friends with a neighbor boy named Buddy who lived down the hall with his mom Rita.


The two became inseparable  and you didn’t see one without the other.  And they double dated sisters.


They also loved skipping school and going to the arcade, or the local bodega where they shoplifted snacks and comics.


And they were also gamers.


They were also regulars at Venice Beach.


Buddy began pumping iron at the muscle beach section of Venice beach.


When a local preacher (Rev. William) opened up a youth center. Buddy’s mother signed him up and Buddy enjoyed playing basketball and pool with the neighborhood kids.


Homie couldn’t join because he had to babysit his sisters while his mom worked her second job.


At first Buddy spoke highly of Rev. William and the center.


But he later complained how Rev. William had a bad habit of showing up around dinner time at his apartment.


And when he got through eating, it was hardly enough left for anyone.


Homie busted out laughing.


The following month, Buddy was one of the boys asked to accompany Rev. William to a gospel workshop at a residence in Hollywood.


They arrived in the early evening, and Buddy wondered why there was only men in attendance and why were they leering at him like he was fresh meat.


And it appeared that each pastor had his own stable of young men surrounding them.


Rev. William offered Buddy a glass of punch.


After a few sips, he started feeling dizzy and asked where the bathroom was.


He stumbled down the hall and opened a door, he relieved himself but noticed a sliding door, he decided to get some fresh air.  He walked out on a secluded deck that snaked around the home; his legs were wobbly and felt like jelly, he collapsed out of sight on the other side of the deck.


Meanwhile, Rev. William was frantically looking for Buddy, because Deacon Wilson wanted to pay him top dollar to violate Buddy.  He had feasted his eyes on Buddy as soon has he arrived.


The Deacon had told William that he required his tricks to be in perfect physical shape like Buddy and he liked to humiliate them while raping them. It was also rumored that the Deacon was a frequent visitor of gay bookstores that featured glory holes in the back and it was also whispered that he had a secret dungeon.


But William couldn’t find Buddy and had to return the money.


The party would turn into a drug fueled gay orgy.


Some of the younger men were willing while others were forced.


The least attractive of the (willing) men were led into bedrooms upstairs and downstairs, facedown, as they awaited anonymous partygoers to violate him.


While the attractive men were posted outside near the pool, catering to the needs of the pastors.


And a male adult star was in one bedroom pulling a train.


These parties were like a gay cattle call filled with debauchery.


By the time the party ended, everyone was spent and exhausted as they left the residence.


Buddy awoke on the deck the following morning with a throbbing headache.


The last thing he remembered was feeling sick after drinking punch.


He stood up, and entered the home; which was now empty.


He saw condom wrappers and lube all over the place.


He then exited through the front door.


On his way home, he got texts from the other boys, one was raped and the other fought off his attacker.


And Rev. William had set them up.


Buddy was outraged.


When he made it home, he was later informed that the boy who got raped, had hung himself.


Buddy called Homie, and told him what happened, they went looking for William.


They found him at home, frantically packing.


Buddy lunged at him screaming, ‘you no good pervert motherfucker!’


Buddy started punching and stomping him.


Homie had to pull him off William.


Homie told William, you turning yourself in, William asked, for what?


Homie punched him in the face and said, Toran hung himself tonight because of you!


Buddy took a gun out of his waistband and told William to call 911 and admit that you’re a pedophile who pimps out underage boys from your youth center to older men and just so you know, 911 calls are taped.


Homie dialed 911, William reluctantly admitted to sex trafficking boys and the taped call would be used as evidence to convict him along with testimony from Buddy and another boy.


A few months later, Buddy began working for a neighborhood pimp named Smokey.


He was a driver/bodyguard for Smokey’s escorts, strippers and adult stars.  And he looked out for the girls on adult film sets.


One night he was driving Ginger, she informed him that since she was an older stripper near retirement, she didn’t have to deal with Smokey’s beatings and he didn’t even seem concerned when she informed him that she was going to retire and sell her name (brand) to another stripper.  This happens when the name is better known than the face.


Ginger went on to say that Smokey was brutal if his prostitutes didn’t meet their nightly quota.


Buddy said nothing.


Another girl named Summer (headliner) was so grateful that Buddy protected her from a groping drunk who later tried to rob her of $7,000 that she paid for Buddy’s room and board when she performed in a neighboring town.


Buddy’s favorite passenger was a prostitute named Nona, he was instantly attracted to her and they had long conversations about life.  


Sometimes, they even snuck off to have late lunches or early dinners.


Their mutual attraction progressed and soon they were talking about trips to Hawaii and Dubai.  And their favorite TV show was “P-Valley.’


One evening, Nona told Buddy that she wanted to leave the life, that way they could be together, Buddy agreed.


Buddy told her, I’m glad you’re leaving because I’m losing my patience regarding you and other men.


She told him she understood and he smiled.


One evening, she noticed that Buddy was quiet and asked him, what’s wrong?


He told her that his mother was prescribed a new medication and her insurance only covered 50% of it.


He was going to have to come up with the rest but it might take him some time because Smokey wasn’t paying him much.


After Nona turned her last trick, Buddy arrived to pick her up.


She slipped him money and told him, I want you to use it to get your mom that prescription, this should be enough.


Buddy pulled her towards him, he thanked her and started kissing her.


At that moment, he realized that he had never felt this way about any woman.


A few hours later, he got an urgent text from Smokey, telling him to come over at once.


Buddy arrived, Smokey was nervous and sweating.


He said, Youngblood, I need you to get rid of something for me.


Buddy said sure but you got to promise to promote me to a higher paying position.


Smokey said, yeah, whatever man.


Follow me.


He followed Smokey into a room, and Smokey said, I lost my temper because a b*tch was skimming off the top, since I’m the one who books the appointments, I know how much she was supposed to bring back. I had to tune her up but I accidentally killed her and I need you to get rid of the body.


Buddy looked down and saw Nona on the floor, battered and dead.


The money she had given him had led to her death.


At that precise moment, Buddy caught Smokey off guard and started beating him, he then took a vase and cracked it over his head and he continued beating him until he stopped breathing.


He then ran to Nona, and started holding her as tears streamed down his eyes, he kept muttering, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.  He held Nona for a long time.


And then he realized that he had to hurriedly got rid of the two bodies before the other girls returned.


Buddy was never the same after Nona’s death and he enlisted in the Army.


Meanwhile, Homie had a problem, he hated veering outside because he was being pressured to join the local gang against his mother’s wishes.


Sadly, he had no other choice, they threatened to harm him and his family if he didn’t.


He started off as a dope boy and later ran a crew of stick up kids.


He wasn’t happy, but this was the only way that he and his family could survive in a rough neighborhood.


The gang often met at a cafe and used the room in the back as a clubhouse, since the owner let them meet on the property, he didn’t have to pay them an extortion fee.  Often times, Homie would get behind the grill and cook up fried shrimp and prawns with Mac & Cheese topped with bacon bits, potato wedges and smothered chicken with cabbage and yams.


Pretty soon, the gang had Homie cooking at all of their meetings while old school music from the Stylistics, Spinners and the Intruders blared from the old jukebox.


Thunder (gang leader) saw an opportunity with black market beer when he read that beer is the third most widely consumed beverage in the world after water and tea.


Thunder had a supplier in Chicago and he had one of his soldiers who was good with computers, stay on top of sales and shipping.


They shipped beer all over the world and he recently sold a six-pack of a rare ale that is considered one of the best beers in the world for $500 dollars.


People were willing to pay top dollar to taste rare and expensive beer; even if it was illegal.


Thunder also sold anti psychotic medication to meth and coke addicts because it increased their high and he sold hospital grade Oxycondin.


For relaxation, Thunder and his crew were known to fly into Vegas for championship fights and they also patronized strip clubs.


Meanwhile, Homie became known for having a big heart and he would sometimes cook up free food for kids less fortunate in his neighborhood.


At night, the neighborhood had become so bad that Homie and his family would sleep on mattresses on the floor to avoid stray bullets.


Homie liked hanging out with his boys and watching sports with them but he preferred the company of women due to his mom and sisters.


He was also a notorious womanizer and fathered a child at 16.


He vowed that his son (James, Jr.) would never want for anything.  Although him and his baby mama had broken up by the time of the birth, he would still provide for her since she was the mother of his child.


He did what he had to do, to support his son even if it meant stealing from stores.


He wasn’t going to be like his father, dodging child support payments and when he did write a check it bounced.


He saw the hurt in his mother’s eyes and the fear that her children would go hungry, Homie would never treat his child like that.


He wanted his son to have the best of everything.


This is one of the reasons that he got involved in weapons trafficking.


And it was not unusual for Homie to have associates buy firearms for a low price and then he would resell them for a profit.  And he would feature various guns for sell on a gun auction site; he sold over a dozen Glock 9mm guns on this site with a price tag of $985.00 each. He also bought other guns for $600 and marked them up to $1,100 on this auction site. People who couldn’t pass a background checks or people who didn’t want to create a paper trail, were willing to overpay.


With the profits, he started providing for his household in the form of groceries, money for his mom and sisters and school supplies and he gave his baby mama monthly child support along with groceries, diapers, milk and formula. 


When his mom asked him where he was getting all of the money from, he lied and said he won several online gaming tournaments.


Homie liked nice things including expensive sneakers, bling and exotic cars.


And he taught himself car maintenance through YouTube videos.


A teacher told him he qualified for college scholarships and that he should apply to a prominent local college in town, he then gave him a pamphlet and told him to discuss it with his mother.


His mother was excited and told him he would be the first member of the family to attend college. She was over the moon and relived that it was a full ride scholarship.


Homie needed a change of atmosphere although his pockets would suffer a hit if he left.


He talked to Thunder about leaving the gang. At first, Thunder stared at him long and hard. He took a long breath and said, you in it for life! And I always knew that you wasn’t really built for this shit. But you have no other choice.


Homie’s eyes were downcast as he turned to walk away.


Thunder told him, I wasn’t through talking, stay your ass put.


Thunder then asked him: Remember when you used to cook up food for underprivileged families?  Homie nodded. Well one of those families was my aunt and nephew.  They still say, if it wasn’t for you, they might have starved to death.  


One day, my aunt was too sick to get a plate and my nephew stayed home to take care of her. They said, you didn’t see them that morning, so you found out where they lived and brought over pots of food to their apartment.


They said that was some of the best food they ever tasted and it lasted for a week.


That’s some real shit right there!


Cause family is everything!


And I heard about you fixing Miss Lee’s plumbing when her pipes burst, saving her a lot of money and not charging her a dime, and Miss Cox says she don’t even have to ask you to mow her lawn, she wake up to you mowing it.  And Miss Lottie said you gave her son a haircut for free before a job interview.


Last week in the store, that church lady Miss Willa Mae told me, let that boy out of that silly gang of yours and let him be great!


You like the mayor of the streets, people got nothing but love for you.


You good at that but you not good at this.


Good deeds pay off, that’s the only reason I’m letting you leave the gang. 


Now go on and get your ass outta here before I change my mind.


Homie was ecstatic as he hurried out.


On the first day of school, Homie felt out of place on campus.


But two black girls (Deja & Rayne) caught his attention.


He liked the way they carried themselves, and they were stylish, classy and attractive with a geek vibe, not like some of the women he encountered around the way. He wasn’t interested in sleeping with them because he had various girlfriends all over Compton but he wanted to know them since he preferred being around women.


They just so happen to be in one of his classes and the teacher grouped them together for an assignment and they’ve been best friends ever since.


One night Homie booked an Uber for himself, Deja & Rayne. They made a grand entrance to a Mary J. Blige concert.


Deja loved True Crime Books and the ID channel and Rayne loved to devour entertainment sites, magazines and TV shows; she also had a passion for special effects, animation and she loved to research. She even won awards for her animation skills and in her spare time, she loved to shoot guns with one of her brothers. 


Rayne even had a popular entertainment column in the college newspaper that everyone loved since it included black and white celebrities.  


And she had established sources (catering field, airport and limo personnel, call girls and strippers). And they were paid well for exclusives.


Sometimes her small column broke stories before the more established real time blogs.


She also began freelancing her talents on a black site that allowed users to submit content.


Before long, her content became the most popular and highly rated on the site.


She differed from other bloggers because she liked to include an array of subjects besides gossip in her weekly reports.


Soon, the blog offered to pay her if she could provide daily reports.


She drove traffic to the site and established herself as a name brand.


This enabled her to have a built in audience when she launched her own site.


Her boutique blog developed a loyal fanbase. The site was similar to an invitation only-exclusive club.


Due to the fact that she was a speed reader with a photographic memory, this allowed her to update pages quickly.


Rayne was also invited to industry parties due to the popularity of her blog but she liked to keep a low and mysterious profile.


And she could dig deep and bring out suppressed information at the drop of a dime; information not reported on other blogs.


Meanwhile, Homie was excelling.


When he would return to Compton in the evenings, he made extra money giving tuneups and oil changes in the neighborhood.  


And he started selling fried chicken, bbq and fried fish dinners at braid shops and hair salons.


He had saved enough money to buy a vintage Mercedes Benz that needed mechanical work and he had enough cash left over to purchase a $600 precision convection oven.  These are the type of ovens used in restaurants; all of your prepared food (at home) would be categorized as restaurant grade.


When Homie was done, he had damn near rebuilt and refurbished the car.


All it needed was a paint job.


Homie hooked up with members of his old crew and did a few quick gun deals to get money for the paint job.


Finally, his car was ready.


He picked up Deja & Rayne and they arrived at school in style as the other students stared and whispered when they exited the car.


Homie told the girls not to make any plans for lunch.


At lunch time, they loaded into the car and Homie drove to a seafood restaurant in Marina del Rey.  


They had so much fun that they didn’t return to school.


After dropping them off, Homie headed to a grocery store and then drove to his baby mama’s house.


He handed her five bags of groceries and an envelope filled with money.


He then spent time with his son and spent the night with her.


Homie liked having money and a Mercedes.


But he wanted money on a frequent basis to keep up with the lifestyle he desired.


It helped that he had a good work ethic.


And he had a plan.


He got in contact with Thunder with a proposition.


He told him that he could launder money from drug and weapons sales and make it untraceable.


Thunder told him, I heard you’re in genius in math so I ain’t surprised.


But you got to tell me how you plan to do it.


Homie said, we will offer 3-6 month loans (with the lowest interest) to businesses in the hood, they would be too scared not to pay you back and when they do, the money you put in, comes out clean with interest.


Homie added: My fee will be 50% of the interest on each loan.


Thunder took a minute to think about it.


He eventually agreed to the proposal.


Some businesses paid the loans off early and before long, Homie was rolling in dough.


He moved his mom and sisters out of the projects into a small home and he moved his baby mama into a condo with their son.


After college, Homie planned to open a ghost kitchen that served soul & comfort food.  Ghost kitchens offer takeout only meals.  And various kitchens can be found in the same building, serving up entirely different foods. Homie’s ghost kitchen would be based from a church kitchen.


A lot of people asked him why he wouldn’t open a food truck instead, Homie liked the idea but he just wasn’t interested.


When he got home, he relaxed and watched his favorite movie again, titled “Mr. Church,” starring Eddie Murphy, as an awesome black cook.


The next day, Homie’s mom informed him that she picked up an extra shift and she needed him to watch the girls but Homie had plans that he couldn’t cancel but his mom told him he would have to cancel.  He discussed the situation with Deja. She and Rayne arrived at Homie’s place, Lorraine was happy to see them. They were nice, well mannered and respectful girls. The girls carried bags and informed Homie and his mom, they were there to babysit, cook dinner and watch movies with the girls so Homie wouldn’t have to cancel his plans. Homie said, “my girls!” And hugged them both.


The girls had visited a few times before, prior to their first visit, Homie consulted Thunder to get protection for the girls when they came into the neighborhood and Thunder informed his crew, that the girls were not to be disrespected, approached or targeted for any type of crime.  Instead, he told his crew to look out for them when they were in the area.



Rayne Scott was the youngest in her family but she was wise and mature beyond her years.


Rayne met Deja in a STEM class in high school, they were also selected for space camp and they later attended the same college together. 


STEM is an education curriculum that focuses heavily on the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  The majority of STEM standouts attend MIT.


They became fast friends and Rayne was impressed that Deja’s godmother (Jacks) was part of an intelligence team.


When Rayne was a baby, she accompanied her mom and father to a local market.


As her dad browsed over lawn equipment in another aisle, her mom was pushing the stroller, when she walked by the meat section, the butcher said, Mrs. Scott, your order is in.  


Her mom turned around to take a look at the steaks and pork chops and at that precise moment, someone snatched Rayne out of the stroller and ran toward the exit.


Her mother screamed frantically, Marty, someone took Rayne.


Just then, her dad noticed a white woman running past him with his baby.


He followed her out the door, lunged, bringing her to the ground.


She staggered up and ran to a waiting car without the baby.


And the two women sped off.


The police were called but the two women were never found.


When the story was related to Rayne when she was older, she always wondered what plans her abductors had for her?  And did this incident proof that she was a survivor at an early age with the help of her father?


Rayne’s dad had been a MP in the military. 


And she had become fascinated with law enforcement and espionage at an early age.


She enjoyed watching old episodes of the Mission Impossible TV series, Cinnamon was her favorite character. A female spy with so much class, elegance and grace which overshadowed her average looks.


And she excelled in martial arts.


This is where she met Pierce. They had a lot in common and became boyfriend and girlfriend.


They often hung out with Deja and Homie.


Under Rayne, they all became interested in stocks and espionage and decided to form a secret investment/espionage club.


Rayne taught the others how to open up brokerage accounts and how to invest in stocks.  Later she would become interested in forex trading, index funds and options. The beauty about Forex is that you can trade it 24/7 unlike the stock market when there is a specific time for trading.


Ambition was the 100% focus of the entire crew. They weren’t typical college kids, they never smoke drank or partied. Their pleasure derived from finance and investments.


All four even applied to rent time on the Hubble Space Telescope. But 1,000 applications are received each year and only 200 are approved, their applications weren’t approved. They were going to try again the following year. 


Rayne read that a space hurricane had been spotted hovering around earth for the first time ever.  Until then, it was uncertain if plasma hurricanes even existed.  This intrigued her.


And they all developed a fascination with “numbers stations.” They planned to go on a field trip to see a numbers station up close and personal. Some say these stations use coded frequencies to communicate with spies. What are numbers stations? Numbers stations are radio broadcasts, generally in the shortwave radio band, which broadcast a seemingly endless stream of numbers. Some of them have music, but only briefly, and the music also serves a purpose. The numbers broadcast are usually in repeated groups. The same sequence of 5-6 digits will get repeated several times, and then another group of 5-6 digits will get broadcast. Then the same digits from the beginning will get broadcast again. After you spend some time listening to numbers stations you will realize they mean something, because there is considerable effort put into coming up with these sequences of numbers. These stations have been around since the Cold War; although some people think they no longer exist. There's still a whole slew of them out there. Many of them have gone digital; unless you have a modem to decode the secret messages, it just sounds like tones. 


Another field trip saw them hanging out at a horse farm (dude ranch) riding horses. And Rayne was interested in talking to a farm hand at this ranch about the world’s most expensive liquid that she wanted to invest in. Depending on the stallion, horse semen is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet. Super-fertile stallions can ejaculate once a day. Which means they could produce over $10 million worth of semen during a four-month stud season. The fees are enormous. Frozen semen is often bought in straws that require storage using nitrogen.  This is a big lucrative business that isn’t discussed publicly and you can gross millions annually.


The value of the semen is aligned to the heritage of the stallion and scarcity of the total volume of semen from this lineage available on the market.


Other (non espionage) field trips included the Santa Anita racetrack and the Hotel Del Coronado Beach Resort in San Diego where Rayne’s favorite movie “Some Like It Hot,” was filmed.


Rayne had two trips on her bucket list, one to Martha’s Vineyard and the other to Jamaica to visit the bungalow and beach where Ian Fleming wrote James Bond.  Fleming would write James Bond over a plate of scrambled eggs and Blue Mountain coffee each morning.


One one occasion, Homie brought his son James, Jr. over for a visit. Deja and Rayne cuddled and spoiled him rotten.  They would become his play aunts.


At first, Rayne’s mother as well as Deja’s mother were somewhat reluctant about their girls hanging out with a guy from Compton but in due time, Homie won them over especially after he catered both of their parties.  He introduced a new dish at both parties that was a hit. The dish was a sweet potato mash roasted garlic butter corn.


Their guests were still raving about the food.  And they paid him to work on their luxury cars.  Both mothers also sent a lot of catering business his way. And Deja’s mother was even more impressed when she witnessed a car backfire and how Homie immediately shielded Deja thinking it was gunfire.


Both mothers hooked Homie up with private chef gigs in affluent homes. During these gigs, Deja & Rayne acted as his culinary assistants for free.


Before long, Homie had the down payment for a loft.  It would become the group’s club house, each of them would have a key.


During Homie’s house warming, he prepared jambalaya that was amazing.


The girls and Pierce arrived baring gifts and Deja and Rayne promised to help him with the interior design.


As the girls discussed on how to decorate Homie’s place, Pierce and Homie drunk beers and became engrossed in a playoff game.


Growing up, Rayne would order gun replicas from the classified sections of military magazines.  She would then take them apart and assemble them back together.


And she accompanied her dad to the firing range.


But she wouldn’t be satisfied until she mastered the long gun (sniper weapon).


Her dad told her, she would have to wait until she was 18.


That didn’t stop Rayne from printing out the 3-D firearm called Liberator. The only problem, 3D guns are all plastic and short-lived without metal.


After college, Rayne planned to attend the Weapons Convention (Arms Fair) in Las Vegas.


Rayne’s bedroom was set up with a bank of computers to update her blog and to trade stock and currency all over the world. She even had clocks set at Pacific standard time, Mountain standard time and overseas times.


And when she went grocery shopping with one of her brothers, she spent the entire time in the magazine section reading as many gossip magazines as possible; which was a lot since she was a speed reader.  Rayne also ordered vintage African American and white publications off Ebay, such as: Soul Newspaper, old Jet, Ebony and Black Stars magazines as well as Confidential magazine.  And if that wasn’t enough, she would often go to a black bookstore and sift through more black magazines and books by Sidney Sheldon, Harold Robbins, Jackie Collins, Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison and Richard Wright.  Her favorite espionage books still remain “The Day Of The Jackal,” and “Brotherhood Of The Rose.”  Her favorite espionage films were: “Anna,” “LaFemme Nikita,” “Point Of No Return,” “Long Kiss Goodnight,” and “Proud Mary.” All four films featured female assassins in the lead roles.  


As a lark, she decided to emulate her fictional role models (secret agents) by adapting to weapons, studying languages and scuba diving at a young age. This skill-set would pay her very well in the near future.


To appease her entertainment appetite,  she would go to red carpet events in Hollywood and videotape the stars making their grand entrance.


She would then sell the video she didn’t use to other entertainment blogs.


Rayne also loved to research and once had a summer job as an information broker with an online company that collected data.  Information brokers go beyond deep diving.  This company also used a dropbox to share files with Rayne and for security purposes, she was required to sign before she viewed the contents. And sometimes she communicated with this company on an walkie talkie app.


Her hobbies included Fantasy Football. To ensure a win, she would purchase a subscription to someone else’s algorithm.


As a teen, Rayne had an array of investments.


She was taught financial responsibility by her stockbroker mother at a very young age.  Her mother set her and her siblings up with stock brokerage accounts when each child reached 10.


Her mother also owned an LLC and put each kid on the payroll, tax free, and they were paid the minimum of $12,000 per year (each).  At that salary, no W2 or 1099 had to be filed.  In addition, the mom received a tax write off for paying them. 


Basically, each kid was paid a $1,000 per month (allowance), tax free into their own bank account.  


And when each kid reached 16, they were added as an authorized user on their mothers credit cards. This would establish and build credit for them at a young age. When they reached 18, they were able to apply for a regular credit card from places like AMEX with this method. And they would be on their way to 750+ credit scores.


And when each kid was ready for a car, Rayne’s mother didn’t co-sign an auto loan, instead she got their cars under her LLC business.  The kids would make the car payments and if for some reason they were unable to make the payment, the car would be listed on Toro to rent out. This would generate extra cash and this is how repossession is avoided and her kids credit would stay clean. But it never got to this.``


And she was looking to invest in vending machines. You could buy one machine for $1,000 and earn upwards to $800 per month in a decent location.  This could be great passive income.  And she had contacted a trusted gold dealer in Beverly Hills who delivered gold coins and bars to your house.


And few people knew that Rayne also brokered a few celebrity “scandal sheet” deals with an online site despite being a teenager. For one particular deal, she had acquired a celebrity sex video and racy photos. And she once marketed the diary of a major star. Her stock earnings allowed her to purchase these items and mark them up and resell them to the highest bidder.


After she launched her blog, on a few occasions she would break stories before more established blogs.  When friends would ask, how did you get that information first? She would reply, ‘out of the sky!’ People wondered if she had access to a satellite?


Rayne would eventually have various streams of income and slush funds, including: Licensing ebooks to resell, flipping websites, buying royalties to a film to collect the producers share going forward (Pay TV, streaming and video on demand).


Rayne also owned ice cream royalties as well as energy, pharmaceutical, gas and oil royalties (trust).


She also invested (crowdfunded) in albums by aspiring artists, in return she would get a percentage of the royalties.


And her most recent investment was in race car drivers on the Formula Circuit.


And she invested in baseball cards and autographed scripts from black icons like Dorothy Dandridge and Lena Horne. She kept these items in a safe deposit box.


And Rayne recently acquired an autographed Michael Jackson (non-sport) trading card.


But her dream investment would be in tanzanite stones which are rarer than diamonds.


Rayne also compiled airline gift cards in $100-$200 denominations; so when she had to travel at a moments notice, she could just peel off a card from her pile.


And Rayne had just began to understand the power of compound interest.


Rayne also  became fixated with special effects and animation.  She adapted to it like a pro and really enjoyed it.  She even experimented with deep fake technology on an hard to get app.


She even took online classes to sharpen her skills in GAN’s, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Rayne was also a foodie and when time permitted, she would explore different restaurants and foods throughout the city.


She also had a new summer job (for extra school credit because she didn’t need the money) and she carpooled with her neighbor’s older cousin.


There were three other women in the carpool and they were beyond ratchet.


Chloe would share her man problems each morning.  “I told that n*gga, you come any closer and Imma have to cut you!”


Another time she caught him with another woman in their bed when she came home from work early.


And the recent argument centered around him flirting with her friends when her back was turned.


Rayne couldn’t take it anymore and asked, why don’t you just leave him?


Chloe responded, and why you in my business?


Rayne started listening to music on her headphones (to drown out the morning conversation) and took this opportunity to study stocks.


For some reason, this bothered the women in the carpool.


And Chloe even asked her, why are you always so happy? Like it was a bad thing.  Chloe had become so accustomed to being abused, that being happy was foreign to her.


Rayne told another woman in the carpool (Lola) that they had a permanent full time opening in the section she was assigned to.


She knew this opening paid more money than what Lola was making and she was a single mother supporting three kids.


Rayne was taken aback when Lola responded: I may lose my food stamps; the job I got now, I have to have or my welfare may get cut off.


Rayne tried to explain to her, but you would make much more and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting cut off of anything.


Lola said, stop pestering me about it, college girl.


Rayne backed off.


Rayne would later learn that the driver of the carpool (Dee) was involved with a man who lived with his current baby mama and his former baby mama with a grand total of five kids between them.  He never worked and lived off the welfare and food stamps that both women received.  When Dee went to pick him up, he would leave the two women in the house and walk outside and get into Dee’s car.  Basically, Dee was with a man who had nothing to offer, in her opinion, it was better to have a piece of a man than no man at all. Man sharing didn’t bother Dee.


It astonished Rayne that these women were older than her yet lacked self esteem or self respect.


Three weeks before school started back, Rayne quit her summer gig and the carpool.


That same summer, Rayne’s young cousin Clarissa came down for a visit from San Diego.


The summer before when Clarissa visited, Rayne had bought two tickets for the VIP experience at Lollapolloza.


But now, Clarissa loved rap and was ecstatic that Big Wally was performing in Los Angeles while she was in town.


She pestered Rayne to get tickets and meet and greets.  Rayne finally relented and reminded Clarissa to keep up her grades because her application for a White House intern would be submitted when she entered her senior year of high school.


Rayne liquidated a few of her stocks to purchase two meet and greet packages.


The night of the concert, Clarissa was so excited.


They arrived at the venue.


From the start, Big Wally had the crowd on their feet singing along to his misogynistic lyrics.


After the concert, they were led backstage for the meet and greet.


From the start, Rayne didn’t like how Wally was leering at her underage cousin.


When they got to the front of the line, Wally took a photo with Clarissa and out of the blue, he told her if she wanted to hang out, she would have to s*ck his d*ck.  His boys exploded with laughter.


Rayne was livid and told him he was a big ugly fat trifling motherfucker.


He told his boys, handle this b*tch.


Before they could do any damage, backstage security intervened.


Wally shouted, get both these b*tches out of my sight, now!


Everyone watched as Rayne grabbed Clarissa’s hand and left the building.


Meanwhile, Big Wally told his boys, if they’re any dark skinned girls in the meet and greet line, tell them to go home; despite Wally being dark skinned.


He then nodded at his main dawg (Monark, pronounced Monarch), who left, in pursuit of Rayne and Clarissa.


Rayne was still incensed and tried to console her little cousin who was crying.


Rayne told her, wipe away those tears, you did nothing wrong, he’s really ignorant with no home training. 


Rayne then drove to Clarissa’s favorite 24/7 restaurant where they had a nice dinner topped off with a banana split.


They left and were walking to the car.


And Clarissa seemed to be in a better mood until shots rang out.


Rayne jumped on top of Clarissa as a car sped off.


Neither of them was hit but Rayne got the message.


Big Wally was behind the attempt on their lives.


Some way, some how, she would extract revenge on him.


Although Homie had street connections, she didn’t want to involve him, this was her problem and she planned to handle it.


Clarissa’s trip was cut short, Rayne wanted her out of Los Angeles.


For the next few weeks, Rayne was cautious when she left the house.


The next day, she put her information broker skills to use to get every morsel of information she could on Big Wally.


According to the streets and message boards, he was brutal with women because he was rejected by them growing up; they never considered him attractive, instead he was teased for being overweight and dark.


Now that he was famous, he took his anger out on women.


Allegedly, he once violated a girl with a lit cigar.


And he was a rumored pedophile.


It was also rumored that he was trafficking underage girls but it couldn’t be proven.  This is how he supplemented his income since he was constantly paying out money due to abuse. After the numerous victims received the money, they had to sign a NDA. If it wasn’t for his trafficking income, he would be broke from payouts.  Rap brought him fame but sex trafficking brought him money.


And he also supplemented his income by selling underage girls to famous celebrity men.


And people were whispering that some of these girls died after a brutal beating but again, it couldn’t be proven.


Big Wally planned to expand his empire by bringing in his depraved female cousin Dove as a den mother to keep the sex trafficking victims in line. Before long, Dove began beating the girls for kicks and treating them like POW’s. Each day, she slapped, kicked, whipped, stomped, and abused them. It was even rumored that she shot one girl.


According to numerous internet posts, Big Wally hosted a lot of Hollywood sex parties, prior to the parties, guests were sent keys in velvet boxes to enter the residence on the night of the party. 


Guests always knew when he was having sex in a back room because the women would be screaming in pain and terror.


Wally also like to beat up and urinate on transgenders but he never engaged in sex with them.


And his brutality was so bad that several escort agencies refused to send girls out.


He was always front and center at strip clubs, making it rain.  He was thrown out of one strip club because he got mad that the stripper started picking money off the floor. He stood up and hollered “B*tch! Did I say you could stop dancing?’ He then moved toward her in a threatening manner, the bouncer threw him and his crew out the club.


Later, the same stripper was attacked while walking to her car and would never strip again.


He later picked up a street prostitute and would torture her into the night.


The more she screamed, the more turned on Big Wally became.


He was a sadist.


And one post stated, he had a thing for putting plastic bags over women’s head and forcing them to drink urine.


Even in the studio, he loved to abuse groupies in front of his boys.


In his twisted mind, he was dwarfing the legacies of Pac & Big.


A self described Latino poster alleged that when Big Wally was starting out, he would hire day laborers to clean up inside and outside of his residence and when they were done, he refused to pay them, instead, he threatened to call ICE on them.


And more than a few of his female fans went missing.


And it was even rumored on this message board that Wally was behind the death of his hip hop rival. Allegedly, Wally supplied the carfentanil that was later found on the blunt that his rival smoked. Carfentanil is 100 times more toxic than fentanyl and 10,000 times more toxic than morphine. Carfentanil is very deadly in extremely small amounts. His rival died instantly.


In a video posted on one of the boards, Big Wally was loudly proclaiming that his favorite film “Whats Love Got To Do With It,” showed the world how women should be treated yet his female fans still stuck with him.


A poster who was obviously an insider said Wally’s longest relationship lasted a week due to his abuse. In that short period of time, he had his girlfriend branded and tried to waterboard her when she put too much seasoning on his steak.  And she couldn’t eat until after the pit bulls were fed.


She also said that Wally had no table manners and it wasn’t unusual to see melted butter dripping down his triple layer chin when he ate lobster.  A reply to this particular post stated, if you think that’s bad, you ought to see him eat spaghetti, more pasta ends up on his shirt and chin than on his plate.


And she mentioned that the record label got on his bad side because he wanted an array of women on his album cover wearing leashes and dog costumes and the label declined his request.


And behind closed doors, Wally liked to brag about a rape he got away with in his late teens; during this time, the only way he could have sex with a woman was to force himself on her.


Due to the fact Wally received a donor’s marrow when he was young and had leukemia, he has the donor’s DNA because of it and the donor is currently during his time in prison for a crime Wally committed; Wally thought it was hilarious.


Rayne thought to herself, this fat sloppy f*ck sounds like a serial killer-sociopath.


And it was rumored that he branded a female friend’s 7-year-old son with a gang tat.


Just then, Rayne shut off the computer, she had read enough.



During a briefing, Lear told the team that it had been a sighting of Domino Wilson’s sex trafficking pilot Sherry Schon (pronounced Shawn).


She’s left Niger and was spotted in Bogota. Apparently, due to the traffic congestion, she has a sweet gig flying rich men to work in an helicopter.


The recent sighting was at an overseas auction.


And get this, Cartier & Lauryn Allen along with Miguel were also in attendance.


Everyone was bidding on Pule cheese which costs $600 per kilogram and is dubbed the world’s most expensive cheese made from the milk of Balkan donkeys.


This cheese is extremely rare because there are only 100 such donkeys available for milking and it takes 6.6 gallons of milk to produce one kilogram or 2.2 pounds of cheese.


People were also bidding on a rare bottle of malt scotch.


Just think, if we would have had this intel prior to the auction, we could have arrested three international fugitives on the most wanted list.


Jacks took the floor and told Nikki that her next assignment would be to eliminate the owner of a professional sports franchise and his overseas business partner.


Apparently, he and his overseas business partner are spending millions funding domestic terror and right wing groups.


And Rayne will join you on both missions.  Nikki nodded.


G-Mac & Phelps will brief her and supply her with a passport.


Nicki said, time to get my long gun out.  GAME ON!


She turned to the team and asked: Do you guys think I should insure my trigger finger at Lloyd’s of London for a million dollars?


Everyone started laughing.


Afterward, Dayna, Lear and Jacks huddled in a meeting discussing current intel/chatter on a rapper sex trafficking in underage girls.


And a few days later, an asset told them that this same rapper had just hired Sherry Schon to pilot abducted sex trafficking victims.


Which meant that Sherry was now stateside.


A week later, they got a tip that Sherry was spotted in Vegas near the highly secretive JANET Airlines admiring the architecture. 


JANET is the unofficial name given to a highly classified fleet of passenger aircraft.


JANET airlines has also been used to  transport military, intelligence and contractor employees. The purpose is to pick up the employees at their home airport, and take them to their place of work. Then, in the afternoon, they take the employees back to their home airports. The airline mainly serves the Nevada National Security Site (most notably Area 51 and the Tonopah Test Range), from a private terminal at Las Vegas's McCarran International Airport. 


The fleet's "Janet" call sign is said to stand for "Just Another Non-Existent Terminal.”


Due to the airline's secretive nature, little is known about its organization.


Due to its secrecy, Janet airlines boards at a special part of McCarran International Airport. They board planes at the west side of the airport, next to the Janet Airlines passenger parking lot. There is even a small terminal building for passengers.


Due to the secrecy of the airline, Janet Airlines uses special codes for their destinations. They use this to mask the destination. 


The airline's aircraft are generally unmarked, but do have a red paint strip along the windows of the aircraft, which gives some sort of hint at Janet being the operator.


The spy crew didn’t know that Sherry kept a flight simulator in a storage unit which she used when time permitted so she wouldn’t get rusty inflight.




It was a bright sunny morning, Nicki woke up, assembled her sniper weapon and enclosed it in her Sniper Tactical Rifle Case.


She opened her hotel door, went down the hall and tapped on another door, Rayne joined her in the hallway.


They walked in silence to a rental car and loaded up.


Rayne dropped Nicki off at an abandoned building across from a football stadium.


Five minutes later, Rayne parked in stadium parking. After she turned the motor off, she texted (her parking section) to an intelligence agent named Breck.


Breck arrived in five minutes, he got in the car and introduced himself. He spoke highly of Nikki and said she once saved his life.


His cover was blown, and his target poisoned him with arsenic via a glass of Brandy.


He was left for dead but was able to get a distress signal to Nikki whom he was working with.  In the message, he told her that he thought he might have been poisoned because he had the symptoms and he gave her the address and told her to hurry.


Nikki was minutes away and stormed through the door just in time, she gave him activated charcoal which can prevent poisons from being completely absorbed but it has to be administered within minutes of ingestion, before it reaches the blood stream and gut.


Nikki saved him just in time.


15 minutes later, Rayne and Breck walked into the stadium as a couple.


The stadium held about 10,000 spectators because of the team’s losing record.


Just then, Rayne looked up to see the franchise owner sit down front and center in his personal skybox.


30 minutes later she got a text from Nikki that said “Now!”


She took out her phone, and used an app (not available to the public).


This app allowed her to text 10,000 bulk SMS (texts) to people in a close proximity like stadium spectators.


Rayne sent out a 1 word text.


All of the stadium spectators received a text. 


With this distraction and at this precise moment, Nikki fired a kill shot into the owner’s head, his head exploded and he died instantly.


Rayne and Breck stayed in their seats as not to attract attention.


Suddenly, the game halted and sirens blared in the distance.


The announcer asked everyone to leave the stadium.


Mission Accomplished.


 A week later, Rayne accompanied Nikki to Monte Carlo.


Nikki’s next target was the franchise owner’s white supremacist partner (Alfredo).


Nikki went undercover as a waitress at a cafe populated by Germans.


After the assassination of his business partner, Alfredo hardly ventured out and when he did, he was surrounded by security but he always came to the cafe.


The first time Alfredo saw Nikki working in the cafe, he loudly called her a racial slur.


He told his security, I don’t care if they’re good looking, I would never rape one of them.


Other times, Nikki caught him glaring at her.


And one time he tried to trip her when she passed his table.


Another time, he spit on the floor as Nikki passed the table.


And it wasn’t unusual for him to break his glass on the floor, telling Nicki to clean it up.


His harassment got so bad that Nikki was put behind the counter until after he left.


It was hard for her to stay in character, she wanted to take him down with her bare hands but she played it cool.


And then an opportunity finally opened up.


The cafe was really busy and a pure Aryan waitress (blonde hair and blue eyes) was the only one allowed to work his table but on this particular day, she was running around like crazy.


Nikki volunteered to help, she told her, I know Alfredo drinks coffee with each meal, I’ll put on a fresh pot now.


The waitress thanked Nikki profusely.


Nikki worked fast, she carefully retrieved a Newt (from her backpack). 


She had been feeding it and keeping it alive for this very moment.


A newt is a salamander with a small lizard like body.


Nikki placed the Newt in the coffee pot.


The Aryan waitress was later seen pouring Alfredo’s coffee out of the same coffee pot.


Nikki watched with great glee and delight as he clutched his chest, struggled to breathe and fell over dead.  Nikki had to stop herself from clapping.


His death was ruled a heart attack but the real cause of death was a toxin produced by the newt called tetrodotoxin, which is 10,000 times deadlier than cyanide.


A death by newt has all the signs of an heart attack.


Mission accomplished.


Nikki met up with Rayne and they went out to celebrate.


Over conversation, Nikki told Rayne, she was always taking out hillbilly motherfuckers, rednecks, and Neo-Nazi’s, etc.


Nikki said it made her feel like a superhero and she felt like this was her appointed duty. She enjoyed putting them down like dogs.


Later, they arrived back at the villa, which had consulate status. Even if the murder could be linked back to Nikki, this residence fell under diplomatic immunity therefore she couldn’t be charged.


The next day, Nikki and Rayna took a side 6 hour trip to Switzerland.


When they arrived, they boarded the Glacier Express scenic train.


During the train ride, they had spectacular views of the Swiss Alps and the mountain scenery unfolds outside the train’s panoramic sightseeing windows while you indulge in a gourmet lunch accompanied by crisp white wine.


Rayne was enjoying the intrigue and jet set pace of the espionage lifestyle.


During the train ride, she opened up her laptop and started doing research for her next page update.


In 5 hours, they reached France.


That evening, they ballooned over the South of France.


Nikki told Rayne, I wished we had time to travel to Denmark, she wanted to show Rayne Faroe Island which is so picturesque that it resembles a postcard or a movie set and its the only place in the world where a lake is located above an ocean. 


Nikki knew that Rayne liked to shoot video footage and the ambience of Faroe Islands was breathtaking.


Later in the week, they returned to the States.


And the following week, Rayne was summoned to arrive in Las Vegas for drone training.


Before she departed, Lear had a meeting with her and gave her a file that included a picture of Sherry Schon and a dossier.


She told her to be on the lookout for Sherry, because her last sighting was in Las Vegas.


Meanwhile, Nikki was called in on her off day.  The team had just discovered that the racist franchise owner also had a silent partner named John Wells who lived in Florida.


He was notoriously racist but had a secret fetish for black women.


And he had a discreet profile on an interracial dating site.


Keep in mind, that some of the black women he hooked up with have never been seen again.


Nicki said, not to worry, I got this!


Nicki was urged to make contact and go from there.


Nicki sent John some real provocative images of herself via the interracial site and they chatted frequently and talked on the phone and Nicki finally agreed to fly out in meet him in Florida.


In the meantime, Nicki did her research.


John met Nicki at the airport in a Porsche.


He told her that she was more stunning in person, she smiled.


Nicki convinced him that their first date should be a romantic picnic in an isolated area that she had picked out.


John eagerly agreed.


What Nicki didn’t know is that John had a noose, a whip and a small ladder in the trunk.


He planned to whip, rape, and lynch her afterwards.


On their way to their picnic, they stopped at a gourmet market and loaded up on pate, cheese, wine, salami, crackers and grapes.


When they arrived at the spot that Nicki picked out, John smiled to himself, thinking, this is a perfect location to commit rape and murder, nobody would hear her screams.


Nicki got out of the car and told John, look over there, what a pretty tree, honey, go lay down the blanket underneath the tree and hand me my luggage because I want to change into something sexier, just for you.


John smiled and went into the trunk, he got the noose along with the whip, he hid them under the blanket and he retrieved the picnic basket and handed Nicki her luggage. Nicki told him, I’ll join you after I get out of these heavy clothes.


John laid out the blanket and sat down; as he waited on Nicki.  He thought, how stupid and dumb could this woman be? Hooking up with a stranger in an isolated area.  He couldn’t wait to live out his race play fantasy. 


Suddenly, John began to feel sick.


He couldn’t breathe.


He had no idea that Nicki had lured him to a manchineel tree which is considered the deadliest tree in the world.


You aren’t suppose to touch the tree trunk or any branches. And you can’t stand under or even near the tree for any length of time whatsoever or breathe the air around this tree.


This tree is so poisonous, that rainwater dripping off its leaves will burn your skin.


Nikki had done her research.


This tree is only located in the Caribbean, Central America, the Northern edges of South America, and in South Florida.


John was perspiring heavy, he knew he was dying as Nicki smiled with her arms folded in the distance.


He tried to get up to attack Nicki but he had no strength in his limbs.


Instead, he shouted, you fucking n*gger!


Nicki said, that makes you a n*gger lover!


And your ass need to hurry up and die because I don’t want to miss the new episodes of “The Equalizer,” and “Snowfall.”


Hurry up and die, you racist motherfucker!


John finally died 10 minutes later.


On her way back to the hotel, Nicki thought of the other kill option. It was a hemlock water drop wort plant.  Ingesting this poisonous plant could not only kill you but it would also leave you with an evil smile after death.  The plant produced power-neurotoxin that can cause facial muscles to contract, leaving an eerie sardonic grin frozen on the face of your corpse.


But no hemlock water drop wort plants existed in Florida so she settled on the most dangerous tree in the world.


But she made sure to list the plant as a future kill technique.




Big Wally was expanding his criminal enterprise.


Abducted and unwanted girls were making him big money in the sex trafficking game.


The girls photos appeared on sex sites and Big Wally went a step further by having a video in their profiles where the customers could see the girls having sex; a preview tape of their sex skills.


And his new pilot Sherry Shon was transporting girls from state to state to meet client demand.


Big Wally was feeling himself and considered himself the ultimate boss.


He paraded around in a velvet oversized robe with velvet monogram slippers.


He smoked Cuban cigars and indulged in Coffin bay King oysters which are priced at $100 per oyster.


When his victims became to loose below the waist, he sent them to a black market doctor to tighten them up.


And so many rappers and athletes were into transgenders that he planned to launch a trans, gay thug-porn star division and he was going to require that some of the gay porn bottoms get Brazilian butt shots to have plumper derrieres.  


And he asked Dove to get in contact with their perverted cousin who was a transgender, he wanted Dove to pay him to recruit from transgender picnics and other places where transgenders populated.


Big Wally had also been introduced to a woman named McKenna Rowan, she was a freight broker who specialized in logistics and she had the connections to find any carrier for any load; Wally used her to transport sex trafficking victims when Sherry wasn’t transporting them by air.


People who attended Big Wally’s slave auctions could only gain access with the gold membership cards that were delivered earlier in the week by courier.


Wally also had a Pay-Per-View stream by membership only (on the dark web) that allowed users to see young girls getting brutalized and raped.


In his demented mind, he was the man!



College was in session and Jordy used a bogus address with a rich zip code to get admitted.


Unbeknownst to Deja and Rayne, they  were being closely watched by Jordy but that damn Homie Holmes was always in the way so he focused his attention on another girl named Pepper.


Jordy was disheveled in appearance and wore hand me down clothes and was often bullied, teased or the subject of pranks and he was often overlooked by others.


This made him very bitter.


Jordy was orphaned after his parents died a few years apart.


He was taken in by his Uncle Ted who was cold and distant. 


Ted also liked to smack him around.


They lived off canned chili and stew.


Despite this, Jordy did well in school, he was very intelligent and attended college on an academic scholarship and his hobby was videography and computers.


But he had a very dark side. He was addicted to torture, forced sex and gore movies.  These type of movies aroused him.


Ted and Jordy lived on the outskirts of town in an isolated area because Ted was operating an illegal baby shark farm where he bred sharks.


Ted constructed gigantic shark tanks to hold the sharks and he would teach Jordy construction.


As a child, Ted had developed a fascination with sharks that followed him into adulthood and he had never missed a shark film.


It was evident early on that the sharks came before Jordy.


Recently, money was running low for living expenses and shark feed.


Ted had a sinister plan that Jordy could help him with since Jordy was good with video and computers.


Ted offered to take him to dinner.


After they returned home, he told Jordy to sit down. He had a proposition that would make them a lot of money.


After Jordy listened and agreed to his uncle’s plan, he started constructing his own personal (torture) site.


He wanted it in white.  In the past, when he had read up on torture, he came across an article saying that White torture is one of the most severe forms of psychological torture which involves dressing the captor in white clothes, and having them eat white food from white plates.


Jordy also collected mid evil torture devices. 


This room included a bamboo. 


The victim would be made to sit on a bamboo sapling.


Since bamboo grows extremely fast, in this case the sapling would grow and tear the anus and continue growing into the victims body.


Jordy later purchased a breast ripper used to forcibly rip off women’s breasts.


A punishing toe device was also included in his torture chamber.  The victims of this method would have to stand on their tip toes for as long as they could before falling back and having rusty spikes jammed into the back of their heels.


And he also planned to carry out the blood eagle torture method as well were he would slice skin off the victims back, exposing their rib cage.  Their ribs would then be snapped back.  Then their lungs would be left hanging out of their body and they would eventually suffocate and die.  


Then the victims would be placed in the shark tank, dead or alive or barely clinging on.


Jordy and Ted put their plan in motion two weeks later and abducted a homeless woman.


After Jordy tortured her by heating up the breast ripper and ripping off the woman’s breast to Ted’s delight, her screams were deafening, he then threw her in the shark tank and filmed the sharks attacking her.


As they were tearing her to pieces, he uploaded the footage to a dark web snuff channel. Subscribers paid a lot of money (in bitcoin) to watch in real time.


When the money got low, another victim was abducted.


Nobody noticed when Jordy began dressing better and nobody noticed his new car and he became angry that he was still overlooked.


Over time, he got tired of Ted ordering him around and talking down to him.


One day, Ted smacked him, spat on him and called him every name in the book.


Jordy snapped and beat Ted into unconsciousness.


He then threw him in the tank with the sharks and filmed it.


Now he didn’t have to split the money.


On campus, he kept a close eye on Pepper, even after she joined Deja’s study group.


Since Pepper’s sister was a booker at a top modeling agency, she invited Deja to their annual holiday party and told her to bring Rayne and Homie.  Everyone had a good time.  Chefs were in attendance slicing prime rib for all the guests, attentive waiters poured champagne when your glasses got low and the sushi bar was packed to capacity.  Over conversation, Pepper told them that she once discovered a model who signed to her sister’s agency, and she received a percentage of the model’s earnings until she retired, even if the model moved to another agency. She also revealed that a lot of famous and rich men had model portfolio’s sent to their homes; they would then select a model to accompany them to awards shows or industry parties.


Homie recognized professional athletes, actors and supermodels.


He had never been to an industry party before and he had never seen so many beautiful people in one room.


The night was magnificent and everyone hated for it to end.


The following week, Jordy waited patiently for the right time to abduct Pepper.


He noticed that she had a routine.


And she always visited the school’s library on Tuesday night.


Normally, she would leave with other students.


But this night, she was alone as she walked to her car.


Jordy laid in wait and attacked her from behind.


He slipped a cloth reeking with chloroform over her face until she went limp.


When she awoke, her ankles and hands were bound.


She was terrified.


She asked a masked Jordy, why are you doing this? He didn’t answer.  


Who are you? Where am I? Why am I here?


Her screams went unanswered as Jordy tortured her all night with his assortment of gadgets.


To make matters worse, he raped her before he threw her into the shark tank. He filmed her thrashing around and being attacked by the sharks, he then uploaded the footage.


Meanwhile, Pepper’s parents went to the police when they couldn’t get ahold of her.


A missing persons report was filed.


Deja, Rayne and Homie joined the search party.


And Pepper’s sister’s agency offered a $10,000 reward.


Her disappearance had everyone on edge.


And every woman on campus was tense and paranoid.


Meanwhile, Jordy was feeling himself, and Homie’s presence no longer intimidated him, he decided that his next target would be Deja.



Rayne was in a briefing with Lear, Nikki, G-Mac, Jacks and Phelps.


The discussion centered around a rapper who was moonlighting as a sex trafficker.


The rapper’s name was Wallace Beamon, aka Big Wally.


Rayne looked up, startled.


Lear continued, Wally lured, violated, beat and murdered a 11-year-old girl named Sarah Parker (who was an orphan and sold into trafficking by an employee at the orphanage). 


Wally left no clues so the crime couldn’t be proven but allegedly, behind closed doors, he bragged about murdering Sarah.


Rayne then took the opportunity to tell the team about her encounter with Wally.  She also told Lear that she knew of the perfect plan to take Wally down.


Lear told her, although you’re new to the team, I will hear you out but I can’t promise anything.


Lear had to admit, Rayne’s 4-part plan was brilliant and she gave her the green light to proceed.




Rayne posted a breaking news banner on her blog which read; “Is Big Wally Gay?” According to a source, he likes to get his DL on under the covers and he’s a bottom because he’s too damn big to smash anyone and you would need a tow truck to lift him off of you!”


Rayne also mentioned that she would be in Hollywood for a hip hop awards show, this blurb was accompanied by her photo.


Big Wally’s phone started blowing up non-stop.


When he went to Rayne’s blog, he was outraged at the headline.  He wasn’t going to sue for slander, instead, this b*tch had to die!


Wally called an emergency meeting with his two enforcers Monark & Qartel.


He said, I want this b*tch dead! Follow her, rape her, set her afire but don’t burn her alive because I want you to bury her alive!


They nodded their heads.


Before they left, Monark told Wally, I recognize her, she was one of the b*tches you had removed from backstage.


But don’t worry, we got this handled.


Before they could handle it, Rayne put the next part of her plan in motion.




Big Wally had just come offstage when an extremely feminine man with red lipstick, a full beard, fake eyelashes, a long weave and a leather mini skirt entered the backstage area.


When security confronted him, he made a scene and people started filming with their cell phones.


He said, my name is Darnell and I’m here to support my man Big Wally.


Big Wally came out of his dressing room and asked, what’s going on here? And get rid of this sissy.


Darnell said, you didn’t call me that last night while I was f*cking you!


Wally screamed, fake b*tch, I ain’t never seen your ugly ass before in my life!


Don’t act like you don’t know me, remember, you asked me to call you Big Sissy while I was f*cking you, and I taped it!


Darnell put his hand on his hip and said, stop trying to front, just admit, you love d*ck!


Big Wally lunged for Darnell and had to be restrained by security while screaming, I’m going to kill this fucking shemale!


This encounter was filmed by everyone backstage and went viral.  


Monark & Qartel were beginning to wonder if Wally really was on the downlow.


Darnell  sashayed away and told everyone within earshot, I’m dropping the sex tape later this week, don’t miss lovelies!


The only reason Monark or Qartel didn’t follow Darnell out is because Darnell asked two uniformed cops (backstage) to escort him to his car.


When Rayne saw the backstage video go live, she copied it and put it on her site under the banner: “A Lover’s Quarrel? Big Wally And Gay Man Have Words Backstage!’


Darnell hooked up with Rayne later that night and she paid him a thousand dollars.  


After Rayne left, Darnell reminisced on how he met Rayne. 


When he was teased and assaulted, Rayne & Deja became his only friends in high school and tried to protect him from the bullies. 


When he shimmied down the runway of a school fashion show, they clapped and cheered while everyone else booed.


It’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them.


But he had secrets they didn’t know about. Around this time, he was discreetly hooking up with the school QB for sex and for extra cash, he would give closeted men hand jobs in darkened theaters in the gay part of town.


He finally got his life on track and was working at a fashion design firm but Rayne told him to lay low until the Big Wally situation blew over because Wally and his boys were very dangerous.




Rayne put her deep fake skills to use and created a realistic looking sex tape featuring Big Wally and Darnell compiled from footage Darnell supplied on himself and footage she got off the internet of Big Wally. She worked non-stop for several days until it was perfect.


After she published the sex tape on her site, it immediately went viral and every news agency picked it up.


Big Wally called Monark, and told him it was time to murder Rayne because he had enough of this lying meddling b*tch.


Big Wally also hired a crisis management team to try and restore his image and he became incensed when he became the punchline of jokes on the radio.


Meanwhile, Rayne knew she was being followed when she left the awards show but she played it cool.


She drove with her gun on her lap; a silencer was attached.


She pulled up to her rented property in Newport Beach.


She slowly got out of the car, suddenly a car halted and two men got out pointing guns at her, they were running towards her, she ducked behind the front bumper and shot Qartel, he went down but Monark kept approaching until he was shot in the back of the head by Nicki, who had taken up position in a vacant house across the street.


Since the gunfire was muffled, neighbors heard nothing and a cleanup crew was nearby, they arrived quickly and disposed of the bodies but not before Rayne took Monark’s and Qartel’s cell phones.


Thirty minutes later, Monark’s phone rung, the display said Wally, Rayne answered, ‘this is Rayne, Big Wally, would you like to confess to your gay lifestyle?” Big Wally was speechless that she was still alive, and why was she answering Monark’s cell?  He quickly hung up.




Rayne had ruined Wally but that wasn’t good enough, she wanted to destroy him and send him away for a long time.


Jacks delivered footage of Sarah Parker, the 11-year-old girl that Wally raped, beat and murdered without evidence.


Rayne worked non-stop for the next ten days.


She made an invisible cut to insert the fake footage that she had created.


She had created a 100% deep fake video manipulation when she was done.


The finished footage showed Big Wally walking down the hall with Sarah Parker holding her hand.


The same footage showed him leaving a door, zipping his pants and sweating.


This was the nail in his coffin that he would never recover from.


The footage was anonymously sent to law enforcement and the media.


Big Wally was arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison.


His records were pulled from all the streaming platforms and on air personalities and program directors pulled his records from the air.


Wally’s pilot Sherry Shon was finally tracked down and arrested along with Wally’s cousin Dove and Wally’s trucking partner McKenna Rowan.


Meanwhile, Rayne and Pierce took the opportunity to attend a Jazz Festival on the Lake Geneva shoreline. 


That evening, she updated her site from a snow covered Chateau on an hill overlooking an ocean while the fireplace crackled in the background.  Later, she snuggled with Pierce as she awaited her next espionage assignment.




To take her mind off of Pepper’s disappearance, Deja became more devoted to her mixed martial arts lessons. These lessons gave her body more strength and flexibility and a great cardio workout.


She had just finished a brutal workout with her trainer.


She was attempting to pin her hair up in the locker room but was interrupted by another female MMA fighter.


The hair pin dropped on the ground and Deja scooped it up and put it in her back pocket.


On her way out, Deja grabbed her gym back and headed to her car.


Due to limited parking, she had to park in a dimly lit isolated area.


She had her ear buds in when Jordy creeped up behind her and put a chloroform cloth over her face until she lost consciousness.


Deja woke up groggy, handcuffed to a radiator in an all white room.


A man in a mask was sitting across from her.


He told her, I’m going to have so much fun with you before I feed you to the sharks.


Hopefully, you want put up a fight like your friend Pepper.


Deja’s eyes got big.


She became very frightened, this psycho sounded like a serial killer.


Was he Pepper’s killer?


When he left the room, Deja remembered her hair pin in her back pocket, she struggled but managed to get it out, and she struggled to undo it.


She then situated herself, which allowed her to dig a deep gash into her wrist, it was painful but necessary.


She retrieved the handcuff key she had sewn in, seemed like it took forever, but she was able to unlock the handcuffs.


When Jordy returned, she startled him with MMA kicks and punches, knocking him off balance.


When he was facedown, she ran through the front door, down shrubbery and towards a freeway; being a former track star came in handy.


The freeway was very busy and it would be hard to cross but she had no other choice because Jordy was coming towards her, holding a gun in one hand and holding his stomach with the other hand.


A bullet grazed her ear.


She almost got hit by a car when she crossed the first lane as horns blared.


A big wheeler was coming towards her in the second lane, in a split second, she dropped to the ground and let the truck and a few cars pass over her with their wheels avoiding her.


She finally reached the other site.


She looked back and Jordy raised the gun, she ducked, laid low, and crawled on her knees out of his sight of vision.


She finally reached a convenience store and called the cops.


Her parents, Rayne, Homie, Payne, Pierce, Jacks and G-Mac arrived at the police station while she was being questioned.


She told the cops, I wonder if he’s a classmate? Because he said, “your friend Pepper.” How would he know that? And he said he was going to feed me to the sharks, did he do the same thing to Pepper?


Later, she led the cops to Jordy’s house.


But Jordy had cleared out but he left the sharks.


The property was only registered in the uncle’s name.


Since the cops didn’t know that Ted was dead, they assumed he was the killer and since Jordy used a different address to attend school, the property wasn’t linked to him.


The cops completely disregarded Deja’s theory that her abductor may have been a classmate.


And Jordy was in the clear.


But the cops did find DNA besides Ted in the house but they couldn’t match it to anyone since Jordy didn’t have a record. 


And they also found Jordy’s torture room which was very disturbing to say the least.


After her ordeal, Deja returned to school but Payne had a PMC soldier shadow her to all her classes and the gym until she graduated.


After Deja graduated, she worked for a crime scene cleanup company for a short time but Payne got her a job as a canine trainer at the PMC company.


The company trained canines to work in patrol capacities as war dogs, explosives and drug detection, and various other roles for military and law enforcement duties.



After Rayne graduated, she was recruited to work for Lear’s spy team.


And Homie opened his own restaurant named “Homie’s Place.”  


He planned to use his funds generated from the online gun store and the 50% interest fees he received from Thunder’s loans to finance it; this way, he didn’t have to pay back a business loan and he had 100 percent ownership of his restaurant.


Before his launch, he had decided against opening a ghost kitchen at the last minute because no ghost kitchen had ever won a Michelin Star and that was his goal.  


He served soul food and comfort food as music from Anita, Luther, Teddy, The Isley’s, Alexander O’Neal, the O’Jays, etc. played in the background.  


His inspiration was “Willie Mae’s Scotch House,” in New Orleans where a black woman used a family recipe for fried chicken that is considered the best fried chicken in the world. Despite this restaurant being a hole in the wall, it won the prestigious James Beard Award.


The word was out that Homie’s Place was the place to eat as her served up piping hot plates of chicken and waffles, smoked meats, fried chicken, fish and prawns with an array of delectable side dishes.


Each day, lines snaked around the corner and the local newspaper gave the restaurant a glowing review.


Homie was flying high!


Pierce would open up a martial arts/MMA gym.


They all stayed in touch as their lives went in different directions.


And due to their various investments, Deja, Rayne, Homie and Pierce were all financially set for life at the age of 21. Payne was also financially set at the age of 26.


For several months, they didn’t see Payne as often because he was on black ops assignments all over the globe but he had recently arrived back in town.




Deja became close to a dog she was training named Ripley.


Ripley became very attached to her.


And they became inseparable. 


Ripley got called up by a law enforcement agency.


Deja promised him that she would stop by and visit him when he was in the precinct.


They had a tearful goodbye.


A month passed, and she was notified that Ripley would be taking his police dog picture.


Deja planned to be there.


Later, she talked to Homie, and he agreed to bring lunch to the precinct the day of the picture ceremony.


Before Ripley took his photo, Deja told him to profile his left movie star cheek.


As he looked into the camera, Deja patted her left cheek, and Ripley turned to profile his left cheek in the photo.


Deja said, good boy!  She always wondered if he could understand English.


Homie met Deja and Ripley on the steps.


It was a dark morning due to daylight savings time, but Deja had to go to the credit union (like she did each week) a half a block away.


Meanwhile, Ripley was eyeing two female dogs across the street, one was white, the other black.


Deja told Ripley, you need to stop thinking about being a baby daddy and concentrate on your police work. It will be time for that later.


Deja asked Homie to keep an eye on Ripley while she walked to the credit union.


Homie was tickled when Ripley crossed the street and bypassed the white dog, to get to the black dog.  Homie said, my man!


Deja was walking by a warehouse, next to the credit union when she was grabbed into an outdoor enclosure.


She recognized the voice when he said, ‘You really thought you could get away?’ I’ve been following you and know your routine, this is the only day of the week that you go to the credit union at the exact same time.


Listen up, I’m going to take you into this empty warehouse, and I’m going to do something I should have done months ago, I’m going to kill you,  you f*cking b*tch!


Deja screamed RIPLEY’s name.


Jordy asked, who the hell is Ripley?


He then used one of his hands to cover her mouth.


The dog couldn’t hear his name being called because at that precise moment, a bus passed by.


Jordy had Deja pinned because he knew how dangerous she was with her MMA skills, and he used his other hand to open the warehouse door as they moved backwards, Deja bit his hand hard, and screamed at the top of her lungs, RIPLEY!


He heard her this time, his ears perked up, and he ran in the direction of Deja’s voice.


When he approached, he started growling at Jordy, Deja knew Ripley was preparing to lunge, so she ducked as Ripley lunged and sunk his teeth into Jordy’s face.


Jordy started screaming,  Ripley then bit a hole in his neck as Deja wiggled out of his grasp.


Ripley would severe his jugular vein, Jordy bled to death and died on the spot.


Homie heard the commotion and started running towards the direction of Deja, he saw all the blood and was relieved that Deja was okay.


Ripley was covered in blood and was trying to console Deja. She patted him on the head and said good boy.


Jordy Nichols was later identified as Pepper’s killer and Deja’s attempted killer and his DNA was a match to the unknown DNA found at the crime scene.




Deja and Homie started dating and are now engaged.


And they make a stunning couple.


Homie decided to have two best men, Pierce & Payne.


And Rayne will be Deja’s maid of honor.


While the couple were eating breakfast in Homie’s loft, Deja had an eerie feeling in her gut that she couldn’t shake. She wondered if this feeling had anything to do with the cop that Payne killed?




Coincidentally, around the same time, across town, Randall James had obtained footage from an overlooked alley on the day of Officer Mason’s disappearance.


The footage from the theater showed Mason, and he looked like he was in pursuit of someone. But who?


Mason was never seen again, and all the cars that exited the theater that night, the owners were tracked down and crossed off as suspects.


So this meant, the killer tried to avoid traffic cams and had to exit through this alley.


Randall was pulling the footage up now.


He watched as a car was coming into view and the timeline matched.


Randall leaned into the computer as the headlights came closer.


This was the moment he had been waiting for.  He was going to break this case wide open.


He had his notebook ready, and he was going to write down the license plate which would finally lead him to the perp or perp(s).


**To Be Continued………



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