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As we reported before, every US President has had their own classified secret agents (outside of the Secret Service) to handle sensitive situations.

And now rap moguls and superstar athletes also employ their own operatives.

These men and women are highly trained and embark on extremely dangerous missions in regard to the POTUS.

Back in the day, normally, a spy crew would be given this task.

But in this day and age, one operative can accomplish the mission.

Chatter in the past revealed that one man fitted with a helmet and a wireless camera so that his handlers could see everything that he did, took down 18 (cell) suspects in an three story house.

This man was also attired in panoramic goggles and an liquid armor vest.

The late Kobe Bryant had his own operative who was a former bodyguard to an overseas President. He was also a trained sniper and fixer.

A white Hollywood actress employs a female bodyguard who is rumored to have been a former Navy Seal.  


Female Seals (secretly existed) several years before the announcement of the first female Seal.

And two African American rap moguls also have their own operatives on payroll.


These two men are 2 of the richest men in the rap industry.

Black Hollywood is speculating if Drake will be the first celebrity to purchase a 3D printed car (the Czinger 1250) pictured above.

Simone Biles athletic cards have shot up in value, similar to a NBA or NFL superstar.

When she competes in the Olympics, her rookie cards will increase in value even more.

The images below are an example of this.

Negro League baseball cards can also be a good investment.


Plastic surgery hasn't been kind to this black female celebrity.

She was naturally attractive and should not have tampered with her looks.

She appears to be a sexual athlete.

She was allegedly involved with a well known Southern kingpin who is now incarcerated and she secretly belongs to a famous lesbian clique.

Every so often, they have private events which involves sexual hookups among each other.

Who is she?


What did Phyllis Hyman & Dennis Edwards have in common? They had the uncanny ability to record songs (for the first time) with little rehearsal... in one perfect take.


Angie says: Allegedly, Phyllis was involved with some really shady people and it's possible although I'm not saying this is fact that she may have traded ___for both drugs and business opportunities/security. Frankly, pretty dangerous drama, but little change in her behavior. She had a lot of problems. In my opinion, that biography about her is a load of BS; it’s as if the author was writing as a fan instead of a writer.  I know one of her boyfriends was a cousin of saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders, and another was an intern at a media company. Angie alleges: She was tangled up with the f*cking mafia. And, yes, then there was the bipolar, the booze and the H, etc. What I've been told of her life is absolutely exhausting. I also heard that she had dated a pretty powerful guy in the d— business as well in the late 70s/early 80s with South American connections and he was rumored to also be a very dangerous enforcer. This part of her life took place in Philly and in New Jersey. Angie also alleged that: She used to frequent girl clubs in Chicago and was spotted in the VIP areas of ATL strip clubs from time-to-time. One time another black female singer was also at the strip club, the one with the strong pipes from the Chi.


James alleges that his ex-girlfriend's sister dated her back in the 80s, she died of breast cancer and Phyllis showed up to the funeral. 


Like Natalie Cole, Phyllis was allegedly linked to Dr. J (before his first marriage) and the breakup really messed her up. Cole said Dr. J was an incredible lover and the best lover she ever had.  Phyllis was madly in love with him, but then he broke her heart by marrying Turquoise. She believed he was going to marry her. According to friends, after that she was never right in the head."


Allegedly Phyllis did those semi nude pics for Oui magazine because she had ___debts to pay off but this is an unfounded rumor.


A Phyllis insider said: Phyllis was an "over spender"? Yes, she relied heavily on live shows as a source of income and told me she already got rid of her back-up singers and sax player because she couldn't afford them. What was she supposed to do next? Be dropped off at the venue in a cargo van and take the stage wrapped in a bed sheet?


That would go over real well especially amongst her black audience. Although she graced the stage beautifully and got a standing ovation, I noticed her hair obviously hadn't been styled in quite a while after that show. That was a month before her death. She also ordered some French fries and warmed some white corn in the hotel room. 


Tamara says: Phyllis was talented, but was an absolute nightmare to work with. She had no sense of responsibility and no work ethic. While much of this can be attributed to her drug habit, it's no excuse for her attitude. Lot's of people tried to help her and she refused. So, I'm suspicious of people who talk about her career and her great talent and how other people took advantage of her, promoted others over her. etc. There was only one saboteur to her career, and that was Phyllis herself. Phyllis was a very self-destructive woman. She nailed her audition for Shug in "The Color Purple" but started acting up and Margaret Avery ended up getting the part.


Ted says: She was very tall & striking, saw her one afternoon at a "wrecka stow" in Times Square mid- 80s, she was browsing and the d.j. put one of her records on and she smiled and waved at him. She also was sitting in front of my friend Brian at the 1981 Tony Awards, maybe she was nommed for "Sophisticated Ladies", her bio is going for $400 used on Amazon! I also read someone's shopping a film project on her.


I saw Hyman shopping in Harrod's in London. She was just stunning in person. Harrod’s is the most exclusive store in the world not Neiman Marcus.


A songwriter recalled the following: During the filming of the James Bond movie “Never Say Never Again,” I co-wrote the title song for the movie with Jim Ryan. Warner Brothers informed our attorney that the song was to be used as the title song in the picture. However, shortly before its release, Warner Bros informed us that the song could not be used because Michel Legrand, who wrote the score, threatened to sue them, claiming that contractually he had the right to the title song. So my song was never released. The legendary Phyllis Hyman was my first choice to sing the song and working with her is one of the highlights of my musical career. I personally auditioned and sang the song to her while she was having breakfast in her manager’s office. After agreeing to sing the song, she arrived at the studio and, without any rehearsal and only having heard the song sung once at the breakfast audition, sang the song in one perfect take. The year before she died, she called me late one night and told me she felt that "Never Say Never Again" was her best and favorite recording.


Phyllis was allegedly irritated by the fact that people like Tina Turner and Diana Ross did not seem to have black people working for them at the time. She was very conscious of giving back to her community, at a time when it was not necessarily in vogue.


A fan said: I feel like Phyllis Hyman belonged to an earlier generation of singers such as Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington. She was from a different era, when a song was meant to be SUNG!! 


And no one could whistle a song on key like Phyllis Hyman.


Actually, Clive initially wanted Phyllis to do disco in an attempt to rival Donna Summer. And she complied, releasing the “You Know How To Love Me,” album. The trouble started when she went to do Sophisticated Ladies on Broadway, which he was against. 


A young Phyllis Hyman starting out today would have a frustratingly uphill struggle. The rise of iTunes and streaming means the dullest, most repetitive stuff wins, and most of the people who have had interesting music and beautiful voices are struggling. R&B is a tough genre anyway, as there are a limited number of stations and most play a mix of heavy rap and club music and don't leave room for the more "neo soul" stuff. Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, et al have all had great albums die on the vine. Janelle Monae has had a limited impact, and really only hit on the last album after watering down her sound.

Is it true? That Whitney Houston quietly produced “The Princess Diaries,” and “The Cheetah Girls?”

Al B. Sure has made some startling allegations over the years and people tend to write them off.

But remember, Blu Cantrell alleged that someone was following her not too long ago.

Al B implied several years ago that powerful people were trying to kill him. There are some very jealous and “Bad” people out here that you love & worship. A celebrity? They are jealous of me and are stalking my place of rest and pretending to be workers for major cable companies etc. 


They’ve gotten to people closest to me (ex-girlfriends, coworkers, and plants).  These close friends have been threatened that if they don't turn them in, they will be killed. And some of them have been offered money if they can get me to show up.


They’ve even gone as far as getting them implants, devices and cameras to watch me at my home and to follow me around as they communicate and feed them lines by walkie talkies to try and set me up etc. Even renting a place in my neighborhood.


Al also shared speculations about Kim Porter, saying that “she was in fantastic health” before her death. Actually he “insisted” that she was in great health.

I learned of @LadyKP’s aka #KimPorters “murder” and it ripped the soul from my physical body.”


Writing further in his post, he said:


“I do know very clearly that #Kimberly didn’t just check out all of a sudden over pneumonía. That’s some bull sh**. Really? This is where I get in trouble.

By: Keith Benoit for Parle Magazine


It goes without saying that R&B veteran Keith Sweat is a living legend.  The certified hit-maker has been in the music industry well over 30 years and continues to release new music and tour the world with his classics.  


Did You Know???


1.  Keith Sweat attended City College in New York City and has a degree in Communications.


2.  Before becoming a solo artist Keith performed as a member of a Harlem band named Jamilah


3. Keith Sweat released his debut album Make It Last Forever in November 1987!


4. He worked on Wall Street in the Stock Market until he was cemented as a solo artist, shortly after releasing his debut album.


5. He was born in Crescent City, Florida and spent his early childhood there before moving to Harlem.


Keith Sweat: I don’t take my career for granted because in order for me to be known in Paris, Germany, Amsterdam, Africa, Dubai, and people still feel me and feel my music years later, its very gratifying to know that a young kid from Harlem, who back in the day lived in the projects, would be known worldwide, and would be “legendary” or the “OG”.  When I think about some other people’s careers, some of them were gone in 5 years. I never would have thought that I would expand 30 plus years or better. There’s an angel looking over me and that’s the angel that’s been with me throughout my whole career.


Parlé Mag:  Thinking back, did you ever think that you would still be doing this and be in this legendary position?  Is this how you envisioned it? 


Keith Sweat:  Back in the day, I just did what I liked to do.  I just enjoyed life. I enjoyed making money, but I enjoyed living life.  What I envisioned was just me having good times, and enjoying what I was doing.  I really didn’t think about the time frame because I was enjoying what I was doing so much.  I guess I didn’t look at 10 years down the line, I just looked at right now. And it just so happened to turn into a long career.  Did I want it to last as long as it did? Yeah. But I just looked at it like anybody that has a career you are hot for a while and then you’re not and it’s that next man on deck.


That’s just how it is.


Parlé Mag:  You once dropped a single  “How Many Ways” single which featured K-Ci Hailey.  


Keith Sweat:  Well you know K-Ci is my boy.  I mean he is from the old school just like me.  We been friends, we’ve been on tour together and we have been on the same shows together so it just made sense.  I wanted a duet with a dude.


I’ve done it with LSG and I just wanted something totally different. That song just felt like the right fit for a duet.  I got the track, and I put the whole thing down but then I decided I wanted someone to do the second half instead of me and that person was K-Ci.


Regarding another duet track titled “Boomerang,”


Keith Sweat:  Well the track was a song that was demoed for me by another young lady.  In actuality I reached out to a lot of new artists who have been building a buzz, like H.E.R., Ella Mai, I reached out to their management.  H.E.R. might have been on tour at the time, but I never really got a response from any of the people that I reached out to.


So I just figured I would create my own artist (Candice Rice) that was in that lane.  I been creating artists my whole life so I can go out and get somebody else that has that same vibe and people will ask me who that is, we’ll make a couple other songs and put those out and I can make her that premier artist.


Regarding another song, Me and Tank been friends forever. I said, ‘yo dude, I need you on a song’, and we went into the studio and made it happen.  Every time we see each other, we laugh, we joke. Out of all the R&B dudes thats out here, he is one of the easiest ones to work with and he also understands the music and the R&B game a lot more than some of these artists, so it just made sense.


Parlé Mag:  What’s kept you driven in this industry, throughout the politics, ups and downs, etc?

Keith Sweat:  The fact that I always wanted to do it.  It has nothing to do with the industry, I love what I do.  Whatever you love to do, it don’t matter what nobody else is doing.


Parlé Mag:  Do you have favorite songs that you’ve created in your career, personal favorites?

Keith Sweat:  “Nobody”, “Make It Last”, “Don’t Stop Your Love”, I mean to me, I still got one of the best catalogs ever!   It’s funny because I was at the hotel, in the lobby and somebody was riding down the street playing “Nobody” real loud.  I have great records that I can still tour.


Parlé Mag:  Social media and even your radio show have helped the fans and listeners learn and know more about Keith Sweat, but I still feel like you’re a private person.  What are some other things that drive Keith Sweat?

Keith Sweat:  I been blessed to have a great career, so right now the only thing that drives me right now is my kids and making sure that they are good for the rest of their lives.  I still enjoy singing and doing that, but my whole motivation in life right now is making sure that they’re good. (laughs). Isn’t that great?!


Parlé Mag:  What advice do you have for young artists coming up in the game?


Keith Sweat:  My advice is to be like me, be comfortable, confident.  Don’t just be trying to get in the game because you trying to make some money, get in the game because you love the game.  Make sure that you’re on point with your craft because if you blow up, you should be able to perform for thousands of people.  Five, ten years from now, people should be able to look back at your career and say, ‘he’s incredible, he’s dope, I still want to listen to him and I still want to follow him.  That’s my advice.

Image by Matt Antonioli


1. Shirley Manson says Lil Nas X is an "absolute treasure".The 54-year-old singer admitted she was "blown away" by his recent 'SNL' performance and says he is a great example to the LGBTQI community. 

2. H.E.R.'s new album will offer a "peek into [her] soul".The 23-year-old singer is set to release her much-anticipated new record, titled 'Back of My Mind', on June 18, and she's given fans an insight into what they can expect, revealing she's set to explore the "thoughts that sit in the back of [her] mind".

3. At the beginning of 2020, Saweetie had 6.3 million Instagram followers. Today, she has 11.8 million. A whopping 20.6 million Spotify users tuned into Saweetie in May, making her about as popular as her ex-boyfriend’s hip-hop group, Migos. 

4. Alicia Keys says her skin is affected by "good energy."

5. Maya Rudolph accidentally approached George Clooney like "an old friend" the first time they met at the Oscars.    I saw George in front of me - and I put my arms open wide like I was seeing an old friend, thinking in my mind that I knew him.  Him being the gentleman that he is, he got right up, put a big smile on his face and opened his arms.


"As I'm walking over to hug him, I'm thinking, 'Wow, I used to work with this guy. It's so nice to see him!' - and as my arms were coming around his back, I realised I'd never met this person in my life."


Rather than push her back, Rudolph explained how Clooney "just welcomed [her]" and let it happen.

6. Laurence Fishburne has confirmed that he will reprise his role as The Bowery King in 'John Wick: Chapter 4' and is set to begin filming in Berlin in the next few months.





Danny and David Garcia aka Kane & Abel were college students at Xavier University.


Their lawyer said that Kane & Abel, whose two albums were released by No Limit, "have done very well in the music business [and] have no motive to be involved in Pena’s drug trafficking syndicate because they have plenty of income from legitimate sources.”

Kane & Abel's second album, “Am I My Brother's Keeper?”  debuted at #1 on the Billboard R&B chart in July 1998. It featured appearances by several fellow No Limit rappers, including label head Master P, Snoop 

Dogg, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal, C-Murder and Mr. Serv-On. 

During the investigation, they were asked to testify against No Limit Records CEO Master P, but the rappers refused, Master P was never charged in the case. 


In the 90s, identical-twin gangsta rappers Kane & Abel were named in a federal indictment that accuses them of being part of a cocaine-distribution ring run by a notorious New Orleans drug kingpin (Richard “Scarface” Pena).


The 22-year-old rappers, born David and Daniel Garcia, were added to an indictment that already cited four other men involved in the fringes of the New Orleans music scene.


The rappers — whose album, "Am I My Brother's Keeper," debuted at #1 on the BillboardR&B chart — turned themselves in.


The indictments stemmed from an ongoing investigation into an organization led by convicted murderer and drug kingpin Richard Pena, who pleaded guilty to avoid a death sentence and is serving life in prison, according to Ando.

Ando said Pena was "the most prolific and notorious drug dealer in the history of New Orleans." The kingpin also fashioned himself a hip-hop impresario, running clubs and record labels, partly to launder his drug profits, according to Ando.

Ando would not detail Kane & Abel's alleged involvement in the drug ring.

According to Reuters, the brothers' indictment does not say when they reportedly engaged in drug trafficking, other than that it allegedly began before November 1996, nor does it cite how much cocaine may have been involved.

The DEA has been pursuing Pena's distributors and clients since his organization was shut down in 1997. More than 20 people have been convicted in the case, including three New Orleans police officers, Ando said.

"The drug-trafficking organization that Pena led was responsible for bringing thousands of kilos of cocaine into this area over the last several years," Ando said. "He not only employed people that were involved in drug trafficking in the middle-man kind of level, but he had police officers on his payroll, policeman who kidnapped people so they could be killed."

Pena also "began to affiliate himself with a lot of people involved in the music industry in one way or another, based on his effort to legitimize himself and to launder his money," Ando said.

"We're not targeting the music industry," he said. "We're not targeting rappers. We targeted Richard Pena, and as a result, we've targeted his suppliers, who have also been arrested out of Miami, and his main distributors. The fact that Kane & Abel [are involved in the investigation] and [so are] people who were otherwise involved in the fringes of the music industry is purely coincidence and purely of Pena's doing because he associated himself with that business."

The brothers were convicted and sentenced to three years.



Over the years, actor and actresses have used their occupation as a cover for espionage and other things.

Rewind: Remember this incident involving a white actor which disappeared quickly from the headlines? 


German customs officers at the Swiss–German border performed a routine search of the actors car.


Bank statements evidencing $8 billion in transactions were found in the trunk of his car.


He was accompanied in his black Mercedes-Benz by three men: an investment adviser, a personal assistant, and a third unknown individual who could not be identified (probably an operative/fixer).


Initially it was thought that he was involved in money laundering, but he was cleared of any wrongdoing WITHOUT EXPLANATION.

This same actor was awarded $19 million several years later in a court of law.


Another white actor who is considered one of the most handsome lead actors in a former TV series is also very black friendly and fights for black causes.

Yet rumors persist that he uses a booze company for money laundering.


Cartels have also been known to launder $100 million per year under the guise of alcohol companies.

His image is so crafted and manufactured under a humanitarian cover and when people hear rumors about horrific events at his overseas residence, they refuse to believe it.

I knew about the alleged death of one young man who was chased and fell over a cliff unclothed to his death.


But over the past year, chatter has indicated that an additional two deaths have taken place near his residence.

Allegedly, the victims show signs of torture and they were both gay.

People who believe the stories insist that payoffs and a coverup are at play.

And these stories are blacked out in the media (overseas and in the US).