La La Anthony has ''lost count'' of the number of pairs of Yeezys she owns. The 38-year-old star admitted her obsession with Kanye West's footwear line is a ''little crazy.'

She also said: ''I love Kim's shoes. I also think Ciara and Kelly Rowland have some great shoes. But I have to be honest, my shoe closet is nothing to play with.''

But La La would love to raid Jennifer Lopez's closet because she thinks the 'Hustlers' star can ''do no wrong'' in the style stakes.

She said: ''I mean, who doesn't want to raid Jennifer Lopez's entire closet? She can absolutely do no wrong. So she's definitely on my list.''



Jason Momoa married his ''childhood crush," Lisa Bonet, but didn't confess he ''was a stalker'' until after they had their children.


Sir Elton John admitted he let Stevie Wonder drive his snowmobile in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and joked he thought it was a good way to get rid of a music rival.


Big Sean has tapped Post Malone, A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill and more for his upcoming album.


Jada Pinkett Smith is in talks to return for 'The Matrix 4.'







The Conspiracy: 23andMe campaign is run by the government 23andMe is a privately-owned California biotech and genomics company. They provide consumer genetic testing services to determine one’s predisposition to disease as well as answer ancestry-related queries. You can have yourself tested by simply providing a saliva sample which the company will then have analyzed and tested in their lab.


Naturally the skeptics out there immediately saw a flaw in this process and came up with a theory to try and stop people from sending in their samples.


Considering that Google’s parent-company, Alphabet, owns 23andMe, skeptics are convinced that this is a sly way for the US government to get its hands on the DNA samples of citizens. The government, according to the theory, is using these DNA samples as just another means of keeping tabs on everyone all the time.



The Conspiracy: April is blood sacrifice month.


As seen time and time again, the US government (and other governments around the world) are usually the first to be blamed in the event of tragedy.


In America, shooting's and tragedy seem to haunt the continent.


Just think of the Boston Marathon bombing, all the school shooting's including Columbine and Virginia Tech as well as the Oklahoma City bombing.


Conspiracy theorists have come up with an incredible connection between the above-mentioned tragedies and the American government.


Seeing how all of them occurred in the month of April, along with many more, it is now thought that they were part of a government-sponsored blood sacrifice.



The Conspiracy: Stanley Meyer was murdered.


Stanley Meyer was born on 24 August 1940. From a young age he and his twin brother were interested building things and soon Stanley boasted ownership of several patents. By 1989, most of his very innovative patents were accepted and used within 8 months. He worked with NASA on the Gemini Space program and most of his work was paid for out of his own pocket. Back in 1975, when oil prices were skyrocketing and due to a lack of oil supply in the US new car sales dropped dramatically, Meyer dreamed up the concept of a hydrogen fuel cell car. The car’s major selling point was that it would run on water instead of gas. The car would also not have emitted any harmful emissions into the environment. Within a couple of months, Meyer had built a prototype powered by a fuel cell engine. The car worked perfectly.


People were in awe as Meyer exclaimed about being able to turn tap water into hydrogen to power his invention. Unfortunately, the hype did not last. Lawsuits were brought against Meyer’s inventions, with lawyers alleging that the car was a fraudulent scam. The water fuel cell at the midst of the car’s innovation was examined and found to be using conventional electrolysis. At the end, Meyer had to pay back all investors who had turned against him.


In March 1998, Stanley Meyer, his brother and two Belgian investors were having a meal at a restaurant. Meyer sipped on cranberry juice, suddenly grabbed his neck before getting up and running out the door of the restaurant. He fell on his knees outside and vomited. When his brother hurried after him to see what was going on, Meyer simply said “They poisoned me” before he died. Investigations showed that Stanley Meyer died of a cerebral aneurysm. However, some are not buying it. There is an ongoing conspiracy theory that Meyer was murdered in his own country to stop unwanted attention from governments around the world. Meyer’s brother believes that the Belgian investors that they had met with that fateful day may have had something to do with his death.







The following is an excerpt from Tina Turner's most recent book....


Tina: I’ve never, ever, told anyone this story before. I was too embarrassed. What kind of man takes his wife to a live pornographic sex show?

There I sat, in this filthy place, watching Ike out of the corner of my eye, wondering: ‘Does he really like this? How could he?’

It was all so ugly. The male performer was unattractive and seemingly impotent, and the girl — well, let’s just say that what was on display was more gynaecological than erotic.

I was miserable, on the verge of tears, but there was no escape. We couldn’t leave until Ike was ready, and he was having a fine old time.

The experience was so disturbing that I just scratched it out.

The first time I saw him on stage, I couldn’t help thinking: ‘God, he’s ugly.’ I was definitely in the minority. Most women, black or white, found Ike irresistible because there was something dangerous about him.

And he didn’t just look dangerous: there were endless rumors about his bad temper, his flare-ups with his musicians, his fights with jealous women (and sometimes their angry husbands).

When he picked up his guitar or played the piano, though, he just lit up. People went crazy — even me. Back then, I was a skinny 17-year-old schoolgirl called Anna Mae Bullock.

Although I started attending the club regularly, I doubt that Ike ever noticed me at all until the night he discovered me.


That was the start. Soon, Ike and I had become fast friends. The best part was that he taught me all about music and paid me to sing onstage.


When I wasn’t singing, I was working as a hospital aide, and flirting with the idea of studying to be a nurse. Who was I kidding? I liked dressing up in the fancy clothes Ike bought me — long gloves, sparkly earrings and pretty dresses — and I wanted to sing. That meant more time spent practising at his house.

And then one night we crossed the line. I think we were both surprised, even uncomfortable, but it seemed easier to remain lovers than struggle to recapture our friendship.

Ike had a brainstorm: he turned the Kings of Rhythm into the Ike and Tina Turner Revue and announced we were going on tour. Why Tina? Because it rhymed with Sheena, a name he remembered from some TV series.

I dug in my high heels, telling him I didn’t want to change my name.

That was the first time Ike hit me. He picked up a wooden shoe stretcher and struck me on the head — always the head, I learned through experience — and it really hurt. I was so shocked that I started to cry.

Ike’s response was to order me to get on the bed. I really hated him at that moment; the very last thing I wanted to do was make love, if you could call it that.

In the early days, it was Ike who behaved like the star. I was the Cinderella, the slave girl who was no longer paid for her performances.

Our three dancers — The Ikettes — and I spent so much time together on the road that we were like sisters. Dancing with them was sometimes my only pleasure.

We rehearsed constantly — even in the car travelling from one show to another — and worked hard on our choreography, making up steps (‘Sham, Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Freeze, Freeze, Turn! You go up, I come back.’)

Ike controlled the music, but I didn’t like the way he wanted me to sing. I wanted to be more expressive, more melodic, but he wouldn’t permit that. One night, he actually spat at me when I dared to express my opinion.

After I gave birth to my second child, he expected me to bounce back straight away. So two days later, I was onstage, singing and dancing as if nothing had happened.

Why, I often wondered, didn’t Ike treat me better? He couldn’t have been thinking rationally. If he’d been kind to me, I could have loved him — but Ike was always his own worst enemy, destroying anything that was good.

As a boy, he’d watched his father die a slow, painful death after he was beaten mercilessly by white men who wanted to teach him a lesson for fooling around with a white woman.

Ike held that hate deep inside him and never let it go.

Our life together was defined by abuse and fear. Oh, we went through the motions of doing all the things normal couples did: he rented a house in LA, where we lived with my two boys and his two by a previous wife.

But there was no peace in Ike’s world. I had to tread carefully, watching what I said, or how I looked at him. He was always on edge, ready to fight.

To Ike, everyone was the enemy. Even at the airport, he’d climb across the counter and threaten to hit the woman selling tickets because she’d said something he didn’t like.

In a perverse way, the bruises he gave me — the black eye, the busted lip or rib, the swollen nose — were markings, a sign of ownership, a way of saying: ‘She’s mine and I can do whatever I want with her.’

I knew I should leave, but I had no money and didn’t know how to take the first step.

For starters, there were three women at the house at the time, and Ike was having sex with all of them. Three of us were named Ann — which meant he only had to remember one name.

One of the Anns, Ann Thomas, was pregnant with his child — another insult to me.

Everything was diminishing — my status, my confidence, my world.

In the meantime, I was still as much a prisoner as I’d ever been. In fact, I’d spend the next seven years trying to figure out how to get out of my marriage.

As time passed, we had more and more success, even supporting The Rolling Stones on a couple of tours.

Privately, however, I was experiencing several levels of hell.

In 1969, when we joined the Stones on tour, I was so sick that I could barely hold up my head.

I had TB, it turned out — but the only flowers I received in hospital were from the Stones. Ike was merely furious about having to cancel our dates.

While I was recuperating, he redecorated our house in red and gold, turning it into a hipster whorehouse. Where did he even find such awful furniture, I wondered? The sofas had ugly metal prongs that looked suspiciously like penises. The coffee table was shaped like an oversized guitar, and he’d installed a mirror on the ceiling over our bed.

Once we started performing again, he forced me to sing in a cheap and sexual way. I was embarrassed by the gestures I had to make at the microphone.

If I did something he didn’t want me to do — like turning to look at him on stage — he’d say: ‘Turn around, motherf****r.’

In 1971, our recording of Proud Mary climbed to No 4 and won a Grammy. It was exactly the kind of mainstream success that Ike had always longed for.

So what did he do? He ploughed all the money we made into building his own sound studio, a five-minute drive from the house.

There was rarely anything good going on there, especially late at night, when Ike and his friends gathered to party.

Sometimes, he’d stay awake for five nights at a time. When he collapsed, his mistress of the moment (one Ann or another) would help me cart him to bed.

He’d sleep for about three days, then have his hair and nails done (usually by me), eat and listen to the radio.

Invariably, other people’s hits would make him so envious that he’d drive straight back to the studio. For days on end, he’d obsess over a new song, but it usually turned into nonsense.

In this business, you have to evolve to succeed, and Ike didn’t know how.

In the early Seventies, he started doing cocaine — because someone had told him it would give him more stamina for sex. As if Ike Turner needed to spend another minute on his love life! He was well-endowed, and having sex was practically his full-time job.

For me, though, sex with Ike had become an expression of hostility — a kind of rape — especially when it began or ended with a beating. What had been ugly and hateful between us before became worse with every snort of cocaine. He threw hot coffee in my face, giving me third-degree burns.

He used my nose as a punching bag so many times that I could taste blood running down my throat when I sang.

He broke my jaw. And I couldn’t remember what it was like not to have a black eye.

The people closest to us saw what was happening, but they couldn’t stop him: any attempt to help me would make him more violent.

I was a frequent visitor to Emergency, although most of the time I just pulled myself together, applied make-up to the bruises and showed up at the next performance.

If the doctors thought it was unusual that I had so many ‘accidents,’ they didn’t say anything. They probably thought that was just the way black people were, always fighting.

I longed, oh how I longed, for one of Ike’s mistresses to take my place so I could get out of there. But, behind my back, he referred to me as ‘my million dollars’.

He was depending on me to bring in the money; I knew he’d never let me go.

Totally out of control, he was ruled by demons he couldn’t begin to understand. I fed him soup, massaged his feet, listened to his irrational rants and took his blows. And I became really good at hiding my innermost thoughts.

David Bowie, whom I got to know later, used to call me a ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’.

I know it sounds corny, but his words truly expressed the feelings I had inside.

For anyone who’s in an abusive relationship, I say this: nothing can be worse than where you are now. Nothing.

If you get up and leave, if you rise from the ashes, life will open up for you again.







We hear so much about Bill Shoemaker (top photo) being the best jockey in the sport of horse racing but what about African American jockey Isaac Murphy (2nd pic)?


According to his own calculations, Murphy won 628 of his 1,412 starts—a 44% victory rate which has never been equaled and he also won three Kentucky Derby's but he's lost in history and black jockeys were forced out of horse racing because it became so lucrative.


Enter Bill Shoemaker....


William Lee "Bill" Shoemaker (August 19, 1931 – October 12, 2003) was an American jockey. For 29 years he held the world record for total professional jockey victories.


Referred to as "Bill", "Willie," and "The Shoe", William Lee Shoemaker was born in the town of Fabens, Texas.


At 38 ounces, Shoemaker was so small at birth that he was not expected to survive the night. Put in a shoebox in the oven to stay warm, he survived, but remained small, growing to 4 feet 10 inches and weighing 91 pounds despite his father standing 5'11 and his mother standing 5'4.


As a child, the family was so poor that Shoemaker's father picked cotton alongside blacks.



Sammy Davis, Jr. was a big fan of Shoemaker because both men were similar in height and if Sammy wouldn't have entered the entertainment field as a child, its a good chance, due to his height and weight that he would have become a jockey.


Davis used to attend Shoemaker races at the Santa Anita track and at the Del Mar track; one time he was accompanied by Marilyn Monroe.


In his career, Shoemaker would win over 3,000 races and earn millions.


He bought a huge mansion and had a fleet of cars.


Soon after retiring as a jockey in 1990, Shoemaker returned to the track as a trainer, where he had success, training for such clients as Gulfstream magnate Allen Paulson and composer Burt Bacharach.


Shoemaker was involved in a solo drunk-driving car accident on April 8, 1991, in San Dimas, California, when he rolled over the Bronco II he was driving. The accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, and he thereafter used a wheelchair. Shoemaker sued Ford, and Ford settled with Shoemaker for US$1,000,000.


Shoemaker died in 2003.







Young professionals, entrepreneur's, independent filmmakers and Silicon Valley start-ups have been using peer to peer financial services for years to fund their businesses and projects; and a large majority of these loans are for personal use as well.


These loans are UNSECURED (no collateral is required). 


And your credit doesn't have to be spotless or pristine to qualify for one of these loans; they have a high risk category.


This concept is largely unknown among African Americans and urban communities.  Instead, blacks are purposely geared towards high interest bank loans or payday loans-that have access to your bank account or payroll check for repayment.


Peer To Peer services have lower interest rates than banks and credit unions.


This service is also ideal for student loan debt, debt consolidation, home improvement, moving expenses, holiday and birthday purchases, big purchases, etc.


Loans range from $5,000-$100,000.


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Have you ever had fantasies about being a stock broker, day trader or swing trader BUT you never pursued it due to a lack of experience? 


The Robinhood app solves this problem.


You don't need ANY stock, finance or math experience to buy, sell or trade.


This is considered one of the easiest apps on the market.


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Celebrities (including rappers) and athletes use this app to keep up with their stocks and cryptocurrency purchases and none of these celebrities have a financial background; that's just how easy this app is to use.


Always remember to research stocks and cryptocurrency prior to purchase.







This ebook shows you how to purchase your dream car or SUV at auction; saving thousands in the process. 


The ebook "How To Buy Cars At Auction," provides an array of information regarding car auctions; unknown to the public.


On the show "Miami Vice," Don Johnson portrayed a cop yet drove a convertible Ferrari that he purchased at a car auction (the type of auction described in the above ebook).


You can now make your dream a reality by purchasing your dream car.


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Artificial Sweeteners & Aspartame – diet soda
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Desserts – cookies, cakes, pies, donuts
Fried foods, fast foods, pizza
Oils and Fats
Salty snacks – chips, salted nuts, popcorn
Soda (Diet and Regular)
Sugar – Candy/Sweets
Wheat – bread, pasta, crackers

Alcohol – wine, beer, hard liquor






3 simple steps to eat lots of carbs and never store them as fat. Lower belly and abdominal fat as well.  The following 4 ebooks are free with purchase: (14 carbs cycling desserts, carb cycling dinners, day rapid fat loss-fast start guide and fat loss tricks).  60 Day money back guarantee. Click above images.





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Vail: (Black supermodel turned-intelligence broker/assassin-in-training)....

Ryder: (CIA agent who went rogue/current enforcer and assassin for an illegal spider network).

Andreas Xavier: (The General of an illicit invisible empire named "Shadow Syndicate." This criminal conglomerate is involved in every illegal endeavor known to mankind.

Dominique Desiree: (Superstar attorney who unwittingly gets entangled in a web of deceit & deception).

Also starring: Jacks (CIA), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), Phelps (3-Charley/Sweeper), Lauryn (heads a cocaine banking cartel) and Cartier, (Former Black Hollywood drug kingpin/International Fugitive)......

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