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Gay Hustler

Santa Monica and Highland is located in West Hollywood, also known as “Boys Town.”  This is the world famous stroll for male hustlers, transvestites and transsexuals.  Many rich, famous and powerful men solicit sex from these male/she-male prostitutes.

Tony Stevenson grew up in Los Angeles with his mother Joyce and his lazy stepfather Omar.  Tony had just turned eighteen and was a senior in high school.  He was the cutest boy on campus.  He was also a bodybuilder and a boxer.

After school, on rare occasions he helped out at his Uncle Ray’s repair shop.   Tony went on appointments with his Uncle, he knew how to install and fix air conditioners.

Tony was secretly attracted to men.  He joined the football team because he wanted to be in a locker room full of naked men.  After a couple of days, he soon realized that he had the biggest dick on the team.

He got a gay vibe from the quarterback Dawson Lake despite the fact that Dawson dated a blonde cheerleader.  After practice, they lingered in the locker room, after everyone left, they snuck in the shower, Tony started stroking Dawson, he bend down on his knees and unzipped Dawson’s pants, he put his lips to the head of Dawson’s cock, he slid his mouth down the length and danced his tongue around the head, his head bobbed up and down as he sucked and licked Dawson’s cock.  Dawson shuddered, grabbed the back of Tony’s head and released in Tony’s mouth.

They agreed to keep this encounter a secret and traded phone numbers.

Joyce was at work and Tony was stuck in the house with his stepfather Omar. He despised him; he took advantage of his mother and refused to work Omar went to the liquor store to get a six-pack.

Tony took out his Playgirl magazine, he was checking out the centerfold with his right hand and stroking his dick with his left hand.  He stopped for a moment and retrieved his favorite porn movie from underneath his bed, “Powertool” starring his favorite actor, Jeff Stryker.  He liked Stryker because they had the same dick size.

The phone startled Tony; he hid the magazine and the movie before he grabbed the phone. It was Dawson.  Omar returned and could hear Tony talking real low and sexy on the phone.  Omar thought, maybe Tony has a girlfriend, about time, what took him so long, Omar wanted to know what she sounded like, he decided to ease drop.

Omar gently raised the receiver in the kitchen and was shocked to hear Tony having phone sex with a man on the other end of the phone.  The following week, Joyce visited her sister in Long Beach; Tony was stuck in the house with Omar again.  Omar heard Tony taking a shower and decided to sneak a peek, he eased the door open and leered at Tony’s form, he was impressed with his muscles and dick size, he felt himself getting aroused.

Tony looked up and saw Omar, he slid the shower door open and asked, what the fuck are you looking at?  Omar panicked, Tony stepped out of the shower and Omar tried to fondle him, Tony pushed him back, Omar punched Tony in the eye, Tony hit Omar in the stomach, Omar collapsed.

When Joyce returned, she noticed Tony’s black eye and asked, what happened?   Tony told her that Omar was a pervert and tried to sexually assault him.  Joyce didn’t believe him and said, I know you’re gay, parents know these things, I also found magazines of naked men in your room.

I have been praying, God please make my boy normal, I was trying to give you time to come around, I guess my prayers didn’t work, I got no other choice, you have to leave this house, you are a disgrace and a embarrassment and you probably led my Omar on and tried to take advantage of him after he had a few beers.

I want you to pack your bags and move out, you are a sick person who cannot be cured.  Tony was shocked and pleaded, Ma, I don’t have anywhere to go and I am still in high school, Joyce said, get out of my house now!  Tony said, Ma, you don’t mean it, maybe I can move in with Uncle Ray and work full-time at the repair shop until things settle down around here, Joyce said, you are disowned, don’t call your Uncle Ray, you are no longer a part of this family, if you don’t leave, I will call the cops.

Tony packed as Omar sneered in the background.  When he left, he called Dawson, he explained his situation, Dawson hung up in his face. Tony wandered the streets; he came upon Gwen’s diner on Santa Monica Blvd, near Highland.  He had enough money for a burger and fries.  After he ate, Tony sat at the table for a few hours, business seemed slow, Tony and a blonde were the only customers.

The black waitress was engaged in a lively discussion with the blonde, the blonde was drop dead gorgeous with an infectious laugh, reminded him of his mothers laugh, all at once, Tony became homesick and began crying.

The waitress and the blonde rushed over, they asked if he was ok, he replied no, they had such a friendly manner that Tony decided to tell them about his situation, he felt good to get it off his chest, Tony even told them that he was gay.  When Tony finished, the waitress introduced herself as Gwen; the owner of the diner and the blonde introduced herself as Coco.  Gwen told him, I was once like your mother, my brother was gay and I disowned him, to this day, I regret it, he died from AIDS, all alone, I live with the shame.

I am closing in fifteen minutes, I have an extra room, you can stay with me but you have to earn your keep, I have an opening for a dishwasher, the job is yours if you want it, Tony nodded yes and said, thank-you so much.  Coco interrupted, if my house wasn’t being renovated, I would ask you to move in, I wouldn’t mind a handsome live-in bodyguard. Coco winked at Tony, he blushed, why you flirting with me?  I just told you that I am gay, Coco replied, I am a transvestite, a working girl, I work near here, on Santa Monica and Highland.

Tony said, I be goddamned, I never would have guessed, you are gorgeous, why you working the streets, with your looks, why you not working through an escort agency?  Because I like to parade around in my pumps on the stroll, I like making the other queens jealous, I had to fight for my corner and I like being where the action is. I love the streets.

Gwen finished locking up, embraced Coco and told her to be careful, don’t get into any vans and go by your gut instincts.  They arrived at Gwen’s. Tony took the back room; he unpacked his bags, fell on the bed and went to sleep.

The next morning, he left with Gwen to start his new job as a dishwasher. For the next six months, Tony and Gwen followed their regular routine, leave the apartment at 7:00 a.m. arrive at work and prepare for the customers.

During the holiday season, Gwen talked Tony into calling his mother, Joyce hung-up in his face.  Tony was depressed until Gwen served him her famous spiked eggnog.  Tony didn’t have a steady boyfriend, he slept with a few men, he had too much respect for Gwen to bring them over, and he often spent the night out.

One morning, Tony was awakened, Gwen was screaming into the phone, he came out of his room, and she slammed the phone down. Tony asked her, is everything ok?  She said no, my ex-boyfriend Leroy just got released from jail, we are finished but he wants to get back together and he is threatening me and harassing me.  Tony said, with me here, you have nothing to worry about.  They left for work.

When they returned home, Leroy was waiting on the doorstep, he was outraged to see Gwen with another man, and he got in Gwen’s face, who the fuck is this?   You into white men now?  Gwen said, number one, we are just friends, he is my roommate, and if I were dating him it wouldn’t be any of your business since we are no longer together, Leroy slapped her.

Tony sprung to action and beat Leroy’s ass, he broke his ankle, grabbed him by the neck and said, if you ever touch her again, I will fucking kill you. Leroy screamed, I’m going to go get my boys, we gonna come back and fuck you up.  Tony said, aren’t you on parole, you just assaulted her; I could get you sent back up because my relatives are cops.

The harassing calls stopped, just when things were getting back to normal, Leroy started calling again. Gwen finally told Leroy that Tony was gay, he breathed a sigh of relief, Gwen said, don’t get happy, we are finished; you need to accept that and move on with your life. And don’t bother Tony; all of his uncles are cops.

Tony spent the night out, he didn’t need to go home, he headed to work, he was surprised to see the diner closed, where was Gwen, he decided to go by the apartment.  He let himself in, called out Gwen’s name, no answer, he went into her bedroom, she was lying on the floor, bruises covered her body, he touched her, she was cold and she had no pulse.  Tony screamed, noooooooooooo!

Tony supplied the cops with Leroy’s name, he had an alibi, one of his boys vouched for him, and the case remains unsolved. Coco and Tony were inconsolable; they cried throughout the funeral, they both lost a best friend. Coco talked Tony into moving in with her. He accepted, the apartment reminded him too much of Gwen, but first, he had something to take care of.

Tony watched from a distance as Leroy shot the breeze with his homeboys.  Thirty minutes later, they went their separate ways.  Tony followed discreetly.  Tony noticed an alley up ahead, time to make his move, he bear hugged Leroy from behind and forced him into the alley.

He turned him around, I told you, if you ever touched Gwen again, I would kill you, well that day has come, Leroy snarled, fuck you, the bitch had it coming, and ya’ll didn’t fool me with that fag routine, can’t no fag fight like you, you fake faggot, Tony became incensed, he grabbed Leroy by the neck and crushed his windpipe, Leroy screamed out in pain, Tony covered his mouth and proceeded to break his neck, Leroy slumped to the ground.

Tony moved in with Coco, he was scanning the want ads for a job.  One Saturday, he watched Coco count a stack of bills.  She winked and said, honey, as fine as you are, have you ever thought about becoming a hustler?  Shit, we could work side by side, our block would be the shit, with my glamour and your good looks, we could rule Santa Monica and Highland.  Tony asked, what about pimps, Coco told him, I am an independent contractor, I don’t do pimps and you want either.

Tony glanced at the money again, when do I start.  Coco jumped up and hugged him, lets go shopping, you can make your debut tonight.   Coco picked out his clothes, tight fitting pants that highlighted his dick and his ass and shirts that emphasized his muscles. Later that evening, she styled his hair.  She told Tony to charge $200 per customer.

Tony made his debut, him and Coco worked side by side, all the cars stopped at their corner, Tony recognized his first john, a married Hollywood actor.   They went to a hotel; the actor peeled off two one hundred dollar bills and handed the money to Tony.  They both undressed.  The actor turned to Tony and said, I want you to fuck me with that big dick.

Tony moved behind him and pulled up his thighs, his ass was sticking up in the air, he squirted some lubrication on his fingers and rubbed some of the lubrication around his anus.  He put a rubber on his dick and rubbed his cock around the anus, the actor moaned ahhhh, yes, that feels so good, give it to me, fuck me!

Tony pushed into him, in and out, back and forth, the actor was moaning loudly, enjoying the sensations.  Tony increased his pace, going deeper and deeper, the actor was gripping the sheets, he screamed, I’m coming, with that he shouted aaahhhhhhhhh, yes, yes. Tony came seconds later, uuuhhhh.

On the ride back, the actor said nothing, nor did he look at Tony, he dropped him off and sped away.  Tony turned a few more tricks; he was at $800.00 when he decided to call it a night.

The next day, Coco and Tony had lunch at the new spot, “Fran’s Place.”  Tony looked up and saw four cops coming through the door, Coco kicked him under the table, see the cop with the red hair and freckles, everyone calls him “Red,” well anyway, he is married with kids, he is also one of my regulars and he is my only in-call.

That night, the boulevard was jumping, Tony slept with a famous composer, a soap opera actor and he was transported by limousine to a Beverly Hills estate where he did a private show for the Hollywood elite.  Many of the guests were actors and actresses.

In one room, you had heterosexual sex with porn movies playing in the background, in another room gay sex with gay porn in the background and in a third room, lesbian sex with lesbian porn in the background.

The residence even had card tables set up with professional dealers.  Drugs were stewed all over the place, bowls of cocaine and ecstasy.   Tony was summoned to perform in the living room, he picked a man out of the audience to suck him off, then he proceeded to sodomize another man, the guests were becoming horny, many disrobed and were having sex on the living room floor.

The S&M show started, a man in a leather mask had a slave on a leash, he proceeded to beat him and call him every humiliating name in the book, afterwards, the slave sucked his dick, and then he fucked the slave, raw dog style.  Tony was paid $5,000 dollars, he returned home and went to sleep.

The next night on the boulevard, a Mercedes with tinted windows pulled up, the man behind the wheel motioned for Tony.  When Tony looked inside the car, he was shocked to see his high school principal, Mr. Washington. Mr. Washington sped off when he recognized Tony.

Later that evening, a BMW pulled up, the man motioned for Coco and Tony.  They got in the car, Tony recognized the man, a famous NBA player.  They returned to his mansion.  The NBA player sodomized Coco while Tony sodomized him.

Coco and Tony were eating lunch at Fran’s place when the same group of cops came through the door.  As they were leaving, Coco smiled and waved to “Red,” he ignored her.  One of the cops saw the exchange and said, Red, you know that freak?  Red replied, yeah, I arrested her for prostitution on several occasions, now the stupid bitch thinks we’re friends, the cops roared with laughter.

Coco was red in the face as she approached their table, “fuck you, you closeted bastard, if you consider arrest, handcuffing me to a bed post and fucking me, I guess you did arrest me.”  Red stood up, shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of my face before I cuff you!  Red sat down, I think that freak has fantasies about me, has a crush on me, the cops started laughing again.

It took Tony a few hours to calm Coco down.  They went out to work the stroll.  They got in the car with a group of male tourists who had dropped their wives off to shop; they went to a hotel and had an orgy.

The next evening, Coco had an in-call. Tony hit the boulevard.  He didn’t pay attention when an ambulance sped by.  Thirty minutes later, CoCo’s friend Roxie ran up to Tony, come quick, something has happened to Coco.

When Tony got there, they were bringing Coco out in a body bag.  Tony rushed over to the lead detective; I am her roommate, what happened?  Seems like the deceased had priors for prostitution, maybe one of her tricks went off and beat her to death after he found out she was a man.   Shit happens, the cops started laughing.  Tony was disgusted with the cop’s attitude. He knew they wouldn’t investigate.

After the forensics team finished, Tony sat down on the couch and cried.  First Gwen and now Coco, both of my best friends are dead. Tony sat in the dark for several hours, suddenly; he sat up like a lightning bolt.  He remembered Coco’s last words “I’m staying in tonight, I have a in-call.”  He remembered her saying that Red was her ‘only’ in-call, it made sense, he probably told Coco that he wanted to make up with her, came over and killed her because she had embarrassed him and let his secret out.  That fucking bastard. How could he prove it, the cops would never believe him and Red was a cop.

The next night, the boulevard was raided and Red arrested Tony.  Come along if you know what’s good for you, you don’t want to end up like your friend.  Tony muttered, you fucking bastard, Red hit him with his baton.

Tony spent the night in jail, he returned home and put an ice pack on his ribs.   It was over 100 degrees outside, Tony opened the window, made little difference, he turned on the air conditioner, he noticed the vent wasn’t opened.  He got a chair and stood on it, above the vent was a shutter; he looked closer and saw a camera lens peeking out.  He undid the shutter and brought out a camcorder.

He took the tape and put it in the VCR.   He was shocked to see Coco’s murder recorded on tape, he cried while he watched Red pistol whip her, torture her and terrorize her, the sick bastard even had sex with her corpse.  The next morning, a television network received a copy of the tape, the L.A. Times headlines read: “Police Officer caught on tape killing a transvestite.”


Vincent “Red” O’Sullivan was sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Jeremy “CoCo” Nielsen.  Tony retired from his profession and used his money to open up a youth center for runaways and children of the street.  He named the center “The Coco & Gwen Shelter.”