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Ray Donovan and Olivia Pope are fictional fixers on TV where they do damage control for Hollywood stars and politicians.

In real life, fixers can find and obtain (hard to find) pharmaceuticals, miracle drugs and non-FDA approved drugs.

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by: Daniel Reynolds


In 1995 Maria Davis (pictured above) was a hot young hip-hop music promoter, running a legendary New York City party called Mad Wednesdays that helped launch the careers of now-legendary rappers including Jay-Z, Lil’ Kim, and Sean “Puffy” Combs. She was already well known in hip-hop circles, even featured on Jay-Z’s “22 Two’s” track from his debut album, Reasonable Doubt. Davis helped him move his energy from the streets to making music. “I was pretty focused when I was creating the album, ’cause there was Maria Davis every Wednesday.” (And that song with Davis’s spoken word, he says, became “my secret weapon. Any show I did, I would pull that out.”)


It’s safe to say that New York native Davis was riding high: young, hip, black, and a curator of cool in the music scene. Then she received a letter that would change her life. Standing in a post office, Davis read the note from her life insurance company, which had screened her for preexisting conditions as part of its application process. “You are HIV-positive,” the letter informed her. “Please go and seek help.”

At the time, the news seemed inconceivable to Davis, a woman who had unknowingly become infected by her then-fiancé. The topic of HIV was taboo to many African-Americans, who considered it a “white gay man’s disease” and referred to AIDS in hushed tones as “the monster.” The same held true in the music industry and among her friends, so when Davis was directed to go and seek help, she says she just didn’t know where to turn.

Even as she was “dwindling away” from the virus, which caused extreme weight loss and a hole “the size of a nickel” in her tongue, no one dared to ask about her health. No one asked if she needed help. Three years after receiving her initial diagnosis, the virus had advanced to AIDS, the “monster” had arrived, and Davis feared the end was near.

Imagine her joy, almost two decades later, as Davis walked onstage at the 2014 U.S. Conference on AIDS last fall to thunderous applause. She struggled to hold back tears. A video had just introduced her story to the hundreds of prominent leaders, activists, and officials gathered for the event, where she was invited as a spokesperson for Merck’s HIV awareness campaign, I Design, alongside designer and TV personality Mondo Guerra and photographer Duane Cramer.

“To be diagnosed in 1995 and then turn around and be almost 20 years into this illness,” Davis said to the standing ovation with a box of tissues in hand. “I just thank God.”

Photo Courtesy (first pic):





By: Preezy Brown




Maria reveals that her and Jay-Z's relationship may not be nearly as hunky dory as it was twenty years ago, but his team has taken the time to keep in touch with Maria over the years. “I just had his little nephews and all of them, they come to my shows, perform and bring artists. His secretary, Shaka, gave my daughter 10,000 to go to school from the Shawn Carter Foundation. And when they had the B-Sides concert, I was invited to come. They played the whole skit and then when they opened up the Barclays, everybody was calling me saying “Jay just gave you mad shoutouts, oh my god, Maria!” And Jay Z said that he’s traveled all over the world and he started saying all the foreign countries that gave him love and then stopped and said, “You know what, I do have to say, next to the foreign countries was Maria Davis Mad Wednesdays.”




Born Maria Antonnette Davis on November 13, 1959 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Maria and her mother would move follow her father and move from Cincinnati to New York City in 1962. “Well, my mother was only 15 when she had me so she didn’t finish high school, but she wound up being a private nurse and my father was 17-years old and he had many odd jobs,” Maria says when asked about her parents’ occupation. “My mother followed my father here to New York two years after I was born and that’s how we wound up in the Bronx. I grew up South Bronx, in Mott Haven Projects.” The eldest of nine children, five girls and three boys, Maria describes her childhood as a bit tumultuous due to her mothers love life and the absence of her father, who split from the family when during the ’60s, stating “Some of it was troubling ’cause my mother was a single parent and she was very young and looking for love. And sometimes didn’t chose the right relationships and later on it affected us and our relationship”

The departure of her biological father from the household also took a toll on a young Maria. “It affected me a lot,” she says in reference to the absence of her father. “I always say it’s so very important for young woman to have their fathers in their lives because the father is what really sets precedents for their relationships.

“My mother loved to entertain, so that’s where I got the partying thing from, my mother,” Maria explains. “She would always have parties and friends over and cook, she was always a entertainer. She loved music. We would listen to the Jackson 5 to Marvin Gaye to Nina Simone. Patti Labelle.”



“I worked in Record King Audio on 125th Street from 1978 to 1979 and it was run by two brothers, Curtis and Neil. And my girlfriend, Sunny, she dated Curt.” Maria continues to wax poetic about lessons learned during her time spent at Record King Audio, as well as mentioning her loose association with one of Harlem’s most beloved and notorious gangsters in passing. “I worked with (Russell Patterson and Stewart) from Black Ivory.



Both were my bosses, but me and Russell were very close so I got exposed to a lot of stuff,” Maria explains before dropping a major tidbit, stating “One of my good friends was mobster Guy Fisher, his sister Florence Fisher was my good friend [and] at that time they owned the Apollo. So I was involved a little bit in the streets but not that much in the streets, but I [just] had a yearning to wanna know people.”

In addition to her sharp tongue and charisma, the almond complected beauty could also make waves with her looks, leading to a lucrative career as a model during the ’80s. “I had a modeling career for a long time, I made a lot of money,” Davis boasts. “I was one of the first models on the box of a perm called Optimum. I did the ad and everything with a woman named Olive Benson, she passed on, but I was the first Optimum hair girl. I was a Budweiser Superfest girl. They would have posters every year and one year I was the poster person.” The MTA, McDonalds, and Ebony were just a few of the many companies she posed for, but what really took her career to the next level was when her first child, Joshua, was born. “I had my son in ’82 [and] I made a lot of money when he was born. Before, I was struggling, giving little parties here and there, fashion shows, and then when he was born, I started getting a lot of work.”

Maria’s answer is simple when asked about the motivation behind her plunge into the party promoting game. “Just getting a group of people together and starting with my friends,” she says. “And being at fashion shows and seeing other peoples different parties. I just liked getting people together. I always had functions at my house. I lived in a house in Newark, New Jersey, always had parties there. I always organized family get together's, liked to cook, and that all stemmed from my mother.”

What started off as a way to spend quality time with family and friends soon evolved into a full-blown operation for Maria. “Early ’80s I started doing little parties here and there, nothing big though. My big break came right before I got pregnant with my daughter [at] Terranova. That was kind of toward the end of me deciding I didn’t wanna model no more ’cause I started knowing so many people in the music industry and hanging out with them and everything so I would find out when everybody’s birthday [was]. It started with birthday parties. I said “oh, what could I do,” and I combined peoples birthday parties and I found DJs that nobody was using and I created a whole movement with DJs. I had Funkmaster Flex, Chuck Chill-Out, Luv-Bug Starski, Hollywood, everybody played for me.”

“I started looking for venues,” Maria says of her subsequent moves. I did a lot of basketball parties at Kilimanjaro. I did a lot of parties at Terranova with Allison Williams, Guy, Russell Simmons, Andre Harrell. All of them were my friends. I did parties for Charles Oakley, I did some Knicks’ parties.” Her connections from Cellars was paying infinite dividends for Maria, but little did she know that her love for entertaining was about to become her claim to fame and make her one of the hottest party promoters in all of New York.

One of the facilitators of this ascension was Bob Tate, a local impresario and member of the Uptown Chamber Of Commerce, who would take a liking to Maria and become a mentor during this period. “He had all of these business ventures going on and one of them was promoting parties. “Bob Tate kind of spearheaded and pushed me into another realm of partying because I would watch his money for him. He worked with a man named Leo and they ran a club called on 23rd Street. Bob Tate asked me to watch his door and he would give me a ridiculous amount of money to watch his money all night cause he would get half the door.”

Another invaluable guide was presented to Maria in the form of a friend named Shelly Brook, who would also play a key role in her development as a force in New York’s urban nightlife scene “I was still working at Cellars for a little bit and I was the coat-fit model on 7th Avenue and a good friend of mine, Shelly Brook, she was running the waiters at Mikells Restaurant, came to me one day. She had Whitney Houston [as a client] and was handling a lot of talent and she said to me “Listen, I got a venue, Maria, why don’t you put something together?” And I dilly-dallied for months and then finally I said, “Yeah, let me do Mad Wednesdays,” and that was in 1994.”

According to Maria, the name Mad Wednesdays was partly by chance, as well as actual fate. “I was throwing parties, but I didn’t really have no names for the parties; they were just [the] ‘Maria Davis Party.’ And Mad Wednesday came up because Shelly wanted me to take a Wednesday. So MAD is Maria Antonette Davis, my initials, so that’s how I came up with Mad Wednesdays.” The first official Mad Wednesdays showcase in March 1994 took place at hot spot called Sweetwaters on Amsterdam Avenue and would be immortalized as a landmark in rap in little more than two years and change by a certain Brooklynite.


And Maria Davis seemed to be going through all the right avenues to make what would be a half-court shot to most seem like a layup. “It was good ’cause I was getting up and coming artists like Horace Brown. Usher was there. I had Quo, Michael Jackson’s group. Mary J. [Blige] was there. Soul For Real came there for my birthday party. Keith Murray. Jay Z started out at Sweetwaters. Missy Elliott, Brian McKnight, Case, Mike Epps, Bill Bellamy. The list goes on.” With A-List hip-hop and r&b talent in close quarters during a time when New York was known more for crime. “I had Kwame perform there and Biggie Smalls came to beat Kwame up at Sweetwaters,” Maria recalls.


“Sweetwaters got shut down in 1995 right before Christmas,” Davis says, explaining the incident. “A guy got shot in the head at a party. Back then you had the promoters and then you had some of the hustlers that was throwing parties and the hustler’s parties made mad money ’cause they sold bottles. That’s when champagne – Dom P, Moet and all of that – was famous. And this particular party, the week before that Christmas, they had had a little scuffle in the party and I said ‘this is not a good look, you can’t take every and anybody’s money.’ And sure enough, I was bartending that night at Sweetwaters and a guy came in and shot a man in the head right there on the dance-floor.”


Suddenly, the same people that had once wanted a piece of everything she was doing slowly strayed away from Davis and acted as if she was a modern day lepper. “Absolutely, nobody knew what HIV was when I was diagnosed in ’94,” Maria says while reliving that trying time. “They kept a distance [from me], they were calling it The Monster. There was a stigma around anybody that had HIV or AIDS. And back then they didn’t even know that it was HIV. HIV as a word didn’t come around until ’96.”  “I remember the first person I told was my sister, Brenda and then my spiritual sister named Deidra Fisher,” she reveals. So they were the first two that I told.” Her emotions were a wreck prior to delivering the news. “I was absolutely afraid.”


When asked how she continues to cope and live with AIDS, Maria’s response let’s you know exactly where her mind is these days. “I have a regular life with medication for the rest of my life. I graduated from college at the age of 56 from the College of New Rochelle. as a servant of the community. I started taking swimming lessons, so I swim now, whereas I used to be afraid of the water. I’m doing HIV/AIDS awareness, just [being] more community involved.







This broke rapper is now linked to two HIV-infected transgenders despite having a girlfriend.




Tamron Hall will be the next media superstar.  She was the first to know about Prince's untimely death and she was the first to know that Kevin Durant was signing with the Golden State Warriors.  And she also has a hit show on ID.  Expect prime time specials in the future. 



"Wheels Up," is an elite airline service for the Rich & Famous.


With seating for 8, luggage space, and onboard Wi-Fi and a concierge service available to members, this service has taken off.


If you chose to fly in an King Air 350i jet, the cost is $3,950.00 per hour.  If you chose to fly in an Citation Excel/XLS jet, the cost is $6,950.00 per hour.


The annual income for members is between $1-$2 million per year.



Jennifer (Calvin Lockhart's widow pictured below) met Calvin in 1979 and had Julien in 1981. They ended up marrying 25 years later in 2006, with Julien walking his Mom down the isle and giving her away to his Father.



Julien, does a lot of independent film work, and he is a hip hop artist who performs at various venues on occasion…his rap style is cold by the way. Julien is also in the process of developing an online TV Show and he and his girlfriend, CR, have created the Hip Hop Film Festival NYC, which is a festival that showcases independent film makers who have the ability to make film meet the narrative of the Hip Hop generation.



After Calvin passed away in 2007 at a Nassau, Bahamas hospital from stroke-related complications, he was survived by not only his son Julien, his third wife, Jennifer, but also his other son, Michael Cooper; his daughter, Shari; his mother, Minerva Cooper; three brothers, Carney, Eric and Phillip Cooper; and two sisters, Delores Bain and Melba Styles.


It’s been reported that Calvin’s stroke wasn’t his first health scare, but that he’d had scare around 1979 when he suffered a heart attack after learning that one of his sons ‘jumped under a train and ultimately lost the use of his legs.’





According to a friend of the Jones Family. I used to work with the Jones' Girls mother (Mary) at a Detroit hospital. I remember when their first Philadelphia International album came out in 1979, she was so excited and proud of her daughters and she should have been. Those ladies paid their dues performing around the Detroit area and in the industry for years going through GM, Music Merchant,& Curtom Records before the PIR magic gave them their success.




The Jones Girls were a R&B trio of sisters from Detroit, Michigan. They first recorded for GM Records in 1968, then recorded for Philadelphia International Records with Gamble & Huff.



The group consisted of sisters Brenda, Valorie and Shirley Jones. They served as backup singers for Lou Rawls, Teddy Pendergrass, Aretha Franklin, and Le Pamplemousse. They worked with Diana Ross from 1975–78 and were the backup singers on Linda Clifford's 1978 album "If My Friends Could See Me Now," and on Tower of Power's lowly rated 1979 album "Back on the Streets."

Their biggest hit was "You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else." The song broke the Billboard Magazine Top 40 at #38 in May 1979. The song was also a Top 5 R&B hit. It became a gold record.

An additional hit followed in 1980, with the single "I Just Love The Man", charting at #9 in January 1981. The less successful "Nights Over Egypt" (released in 1981, charting at R&B #23 in 1982 and written by Dexter Wansel), is currently a cult classic that receives more airplay on urban radio stations than their previous bigger hits.

After the release and failure of their fourth U.S. album, On Target, lead singer Shirley Jones pursued a solo career and had a #1 R&B hit on Billboard with "Do You Get Enough Love", from her top-ten debut album Always in the Mood (1986). "Do You Get Enough Love" was written by Bunny Sigler who also produced it with Kenny Gamble.[1] In 2007, Shirley released an album Ladies Night Out together with Jean Carn and Cherrelle, on CD and DVD.

"Who Can I Run To", from the band's self-titled 1979 debut album, was covered by Xscape in 1995. Their cover version became a number #1 R&B and #8 Pop hit. The original version was the B-side of "You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else."

Valorie Jones died on December 2, 2001, in Detroit, Michigan, at the age of 45.

According to a Jones Girls bassist: Valorie died of complications from alcoholism. From what I've heard she was suffering from depression for quite a while before her death. Her sisters Shirley and Brenda are living in Atlanta. They perform occasionally with Brenda's daughter singing Valerie's parts.

I toured with them in the early 80's as their bassist and we talk now and then.


When Billie Holiday died in 1959, thousands of mourners attended her funeral at St. Paul the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in New York City. The overflow crowd lined the sidewalks. Honorary pallbearers included such jazz greats as Benny Goodman and Mary Lou Williams. Newspapers and magazines ran heartfelt tributes.


But where is Holiday buried? She's not in New York's Woodlawn Cemetery, the well-known spot for famous dead jazz musicians such as Duke Ellington, Celia Cruz, Miles Davis and Lionel Hampton. She's buried at St. Raymond's Cemetery — or, as singer and Holiday fan Queen Esther puts it, "Way, way, way out," in the Bronx.

So why is one of the most influential singers in the world buried in a place that is so inaccessible?

"Probably because it was cheap," says Donald Clarke, author of the Holiday biography Wishing on the Moon.

The story goes that, when Holiday died, her life savings of $750 were found strapped to her leg. Decisions around her death were left to her estranged husband, Louis McKay (above), who, by most accounts, was a louse.

Clarke says McKay was a "wannabe gangster" who didn't pay for Holiday's funeral. Instead, it was reportedly funded by a wealthy jazz fan, Michael Grace. Clarke says Grace also offered to pay for Holiday to be buried next to Babe Ruth at an upscale New York cemetery. But McKay wouldn't have it.

"He took over because he wanted to, and because he could," Clarke says.

McKay decided Holiday should be buried alongside her mother, Sadie Fagan, at St. Raymond's. Clarke concedes that's probably what she would've wanted.

But then, a year after her death, it was discovered that Lady Day still had no tombstone. The plot wasn't even marked. One visitor to St. Raymond's described it as a "small square of gray, mean-looking ground."

As the news spread, so did the outrage. In May 1960, DownBeat magazine — a bible for jazz fans — wrote that it was a "situation that would've appealed to Billie Holiday's sharp sense of the ironic."

"Where," the magazine went on, "were all the people who had made money off the singer during her life"? DownBeat started a collection to pay for a tombstone. Once again, Holiday's husband objected. Clarke says Louis McKay announced "that he intended to have Lady and Sadie's remains removed to the St. Paul's section of the cemetery and that he would erect a monument at a cost of $3,500."

Holiday and her mother now share a tombstone. On a recent rainy day in June, it was clear others had also made the pilgrimage. A small statue of an angel, a little porcelain dog, and a famous photo of Holiday were among the tokens left behind.


According to Jan Gaye:


After Marvin broke up with Anna Gordy, Jan couldn't help but fear the power that Anna still held over him.


Marvin described Anna as being dominant so Jan chose to be submissive.


During a brutal argument, Anna had struck the stiletto heel of her shoe into Marvin's forehead.


On her side, Anna had a long history with Marvin.


She had money, power and influence.


And she was one of the few people on the planet who could make him work.


Whereas Jan had youth, sex and a free-love hippie attitude that Marvin found alluring.


The longer Jan was with Marvin, the more Anna would do to make their life miserable according to Jan.


Anna was a hard act to follow.


But, she represented structure.


In Marvin's world, Anna came first, then Berry, and then himself.



Allegedly, the Dramatics have split into two groups—the Dramatics Featuring Willie Ford, and The Dramatics Featuring L.J. Reynolds.


Over the years, they've lost the following members: Ron Banks (2010), “Wee Gee” Howard (2000), Elbert Wilkins (1992), Lenny Mayes (2004), and Larry Mack Brown (2008), are all gone now, but the Dramatics continue on.



Singer Brian McKnight has been nominated 6 times for a Grammy award without winning.







Idris Elba accidentally gave Chris Pine a black eye during a fight scene on the set of "Star Trek Beyond."


Conrad Murray-who was jailed for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson after administering a fatal dose of Propofol in 2009-wants his medical licence back.


Kim Kardashian West-who suffers from the skin disease psoriasis-revealed a rash on her legs during a nightclub appearance in Las Vegas.


Ariana Grande reportedly had a proposed performance at the White House rejected because of the outcry over her doughnut-licking scandal last year.




Pictured Above (Appetizer): Shrimp deviled eggs.



Pictured Above (Lunch): Deep fried honey scallion glazed (chicken) tacos with white onion, cilantra and habanero pineapple hot sauce.



Pictured Above (Dinner): Rib tips and shrimp lo mein.


Banks and Investors have been profiting with tax liens for years and now it's your turn!  Click on the above image to learn more.







1. 16-year-old trans* youth Dwayne Jones (pictured above) was stabbed, shot, run over with a car and then dumped in nearby bushes for daring to dress as a woman at a public street dance. Dwayne had been outed to the blood-thirsty mob by a female member of her church.


2. Montego Bay is no stranger to homophobic murders. Oshane Gordon, 16, was slaughtered by machete-wielding thugs who invaded his home while he slept. The teenager was allegedly killed because of “questionable relations with another man.”


3. There was yet another double murder in St James, but this one is somewhat mysterious as according to sources in the Providence Heights area of Flanker, where the killing took place, the victims were labelled gay lovers, who had earned the wrath of thugs in the community.

While the police did not confirm any gay links to the incident, they did say that the men, one identified as 40-year-old carpenter Orville Lorne and the other, who remains unidentified, were shot and killed by persons who attacked the house in which they were staying.

"Yes, we can confirm that there was a double murder in Providence Heights, but we have only ascertained the identity of one of the victims," said Assistant Commissioner of Police Winchroy Budhoo, the commanding officer for Area One. "Outside of the fact that the house was shot up, we have no other details."

According to residents of the community, shortly after 5:50 a.m., men armed with guns attacked the house in which the men were staying, firing a barrage of shots. When the shooting subsided and the shooters had left, the bodies of Lorne and the other man were found.

"We don't know nothing about it ...two gays got killed over there," a young woman said. "We really not into the gay thing around here ... you don't see nobody crying about it."

It would appear that there was a general lack of sympathy for the men as most residents seemed to support the view that they were gay and were not welcome in the community.

"This is going to be one of those unsolved murders because the police will not get any information from anybody," another man said.






Across America, young African-American girls are vanishing from homes, schools, and neighborhoods and reappearing in brothels, escort agencies, and strip clubs. But what’s happening to them isn’t magic- it’s slavery. And the insidious part of the trick is that no one seems to be helping them.

Across America, about 800,000 children are reported missing each year, 33% of which are African-American. In New York City last year, half of reported missing children were black and 60% were female. And these aren’t 17-and-a-half-year-olds; most of the girls were between 13 and 15. Other urban areas like Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles with large African-American populations also have high instances of young black girls being kidnapped or “running away”. But what’s happening to these girls? Surely they don’t vanish into thin air?

They vanish, in fact, into pimps’ pockets; these girls end up as trafficking victims in the commercial sex industry. Some meet pimps on the street and are deceived or coerced into street prostitution. Others are forced into strip clubs or filmed for pornography. Still others are advertised on Backpage, escort agency websites, and other corners of the Internet. They are just as much human trafficking victims as the Vietnamese women enslaved in brothels in Thailand or the Guatemalan girl held in a home in El Paso.

However, many law enforcement agents still understand human trafficking as an international crime and seek it out primarily among communities of immigrants.

Pimps can be strangers to their child victims, but they are often someone the victim trusts, like a boyfriend, a parent, or a family member. In a case out of Maryland recently, Shelby Lewis sold his 12-year-old foster daughter, along with three other girls, into prostitution — the price of the “rent” he charged them for living in his home. This case is an excellent case study of what domestic minor sex trafficking looks like in the U.S., since it has a number of very common factors present.

* First, the victim was a part of the foster care system. It’s common for American girls who are eventually trafficked by pimps to have been in foster care at one point in their lives. The connection between foster care and trafficking is due to both the vulnerability of young people without stable homes and the dysfunction of many foster care systems in the U.S.

Second, the pimp was someone the victim knew as a protector. While pimps can be strangers, they often approach victims first as boyfriends, friends, stepfathers, family members, etc. They groom the victim to rely on them and then claim, as Lewis did, that the cost of their protection and love is prostitution.

Third, the victims started in their early teens. Lewis first began pimping his foster daughter out when she was 12. He also sold three other girls, who he began exploiting at 13, 14, and 16. The average age of entry into prostitution is 12-14 in the U.S., so the ages of the victims in this case are typical.

Fourth, one of his victims was registered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It’s not unusual for children who are reported missing, either as runaways or as kidnapping victims, end up in the hands of pimps like Lewis.

Lastly, child pornography makes an appearance in this case, as it does in many others. Lewis had pictures of his victims tied to beds in sexual poses at his apartment. Pimps can earn money by selling pornographic images of the girls they exploit in addition to selling the girls themselves.






THE CITY MOURNED THE LOSS OF AN INNOCENT On July 18, 1964: The funeral of 15-year-old James Powell was held. Two days earlier, Powell was shot and killed by Lieutenant Thomas Gilligan in front of his friends and roughly a dozen other witnesses, a tragedy that sparked the momentous Harlem Riot of 1964.



The Robert Charles Riots began when whites in New Orleans became infuriated after Robert Charles, an African-American, shot several white police officers on July 23, 1900. A manhunt for Charles began after he fled after an altercation with New Orleans police officers. The race riots lasted over four days and claimed 28 casualties, including Charles.







According to Keyshia Cole, one day, out of the blue, the phone rings and it's Aretha Franklin.


"I was amazed."


Like every young singer, I see her as the ultimate.


She told me how much she liked my song "I Remember," and wanted me to write a song just as good for her.


I was more than willing.


I told her that the reason "I Remember," worked so well was because it came out of a personal experience of mine.


If she wanted me to custom-tailor such a song for her, I'd have to know what she was going through-personally.


That made her clam up.


She replied: "If I tell you that, you'll have to give me the publishing on the song."


'I don't mind,' I said.


'Well, I'll have to get back to you.


She never did.



According to David Ritz:


After Tavis Smiley interviewed Aretha Franklin, she developed an one-side infatuation with him.


Allegedly, Franklin went around saying they were an item.


She even implied that they'd get married.


But everyone who knew the real story understood that Tavis respected her as an artist and that was it.


Nevertheless, she went on for years pretending like it was this torrid affair when it wasn't.







According to rumor.


This rapper plans to use meet and greet interactions to lure impressionable girl fans.


He will exercise extreme secrecy in his dealings with these young fans. And he will have the girls do the same. 


Their parents and friends will be kept in the dark regarding their relationship with him.  This way, nothing will lead back to him when they go missing.


After phone conversations, a few secret dates, he will eventually sale the girl to a sex trafficker in exchange for cash.


Not a surprise because this rapper has never respected women and considers them subhuman.


He's a sociopath with no conscious.


Numerous aspiring rappers have been convicted of sex trafficking.


The only difference, this hip-hop star has had a few hits.


He's always in need of money because cash goes through his hands like water and he's very materialistic: Bling, cars, jet rentals, travel, shopping sprees, etc.


This is his way out of an financial hole.


Who is he?








You've probably heard of Napoleon Hill's legendary book "Think and Grow Rich," (2nd pic) which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

The bestselling book was the end result of interviewing and researching over 500 successful men and women in an effort to discover the exact method they used in order to achieve their respective goals.

Included among these 500 men and women were Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Schwab, Woodrow Wilson, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, along with many others.
In the introduction of his book, Napoleon Hill gives mention of a Hidden Secret, which was in essence, the exact how-to methodology of thinking and achieving the goals you desire, not just that of financial success.


The secret is revealed in the book: "The Hidden Secret in Think And Grow Rich," (first pic). 


Examples: "If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it."

"If you are ready to put it to use, you will recognize it at least once in every chapter."
"Somewhere as you read, the secret to which I refer will jump from the page and stand boldly before you, if you are ready for it! When it appears, you will recognize it."



Book Review:


I read the book and agree with it whole heartedly. I believe this was the much needed follow up to Napoleon Hill's classic.

When I first read "Think and Grow Rich," I missed the secret, so my results were great, but they were not consistent.

You will certainly enlighten a lot of souls."

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-Kirk Nugent






This ebook shows you how to purchase your dream car or SUV at auction; saving thousands in the process. 


The ebook "How To Buy Cars At Auction," provides an array of information regarding car auctions; unknown to the public.


On the show "Miami Vice," Don Johnson portrayed a cop yet drove a convertible Ferrari that he purchased at a car auction (the type of auction described in the above ebook).


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Artificial Sweeteners & Aspartame – diet soda
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Carbohydrates – Bread and Pasta
Dairy Products – Cheese & Butter
Desserts – cookies, cakes, pies, donuts
Fried foods, fast foods, pizza
Oils and Fats
Salty snacks – chips, salted nuts, popcorn
Soda (Diet and Regular)
Sugar – Candy/Sweets
Wheat – bread, pasta, crackers

Alcohol – wine, beer, hard liquor








3 simple steps to eat lots of carbs and never store them as fat. Lower belly and abdominal fat as well.  The following 4 ebooks are free with purchase: (14 carbs cycling desserts, carb cycling dinners, day rapid fat loss-fast start guide and fat loss tricks).  60 Day money back guarantee. Click above images.





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Vail: (Black supermodel turned-intelligence broker/assassin-in-training)....

Ryder: (CIA agent who went rogue/current enforcer and assassin for an illegal spider network).

Andreas Xavier: (The General of an illicit invisible empire named "Shadow Syndicate." This criminal conglomerate is involved in every illegal endeavor known to mankind.

Dominique Desiree: (Superstar attorney who unwittingly gets entangled in a web of deceit & deception).

Also starring: Jacks (CIA), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), Phelps (3-Charley/Sweeper), Lauryn (heads a cocaine banking cartel) and Cartier, (Former Black Hollywood drug kingpin/International Fugitive)......

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