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Ray Donovan and Olivia Pope are fictional fixers on TV where they do damage control for Hollywood stars and politicians.

In real life, fixers can find and obtain (hard to find) pharmaceuticals, miracle drugs and non-FDA approved drugs.

Click the above image to read about: Little known treatments and drugs used by celebrities and politicians to maintain their health.







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BMF Reboot? Second Generation BMF?


by: Scott Burnstein


The rumblings of a Black Mafia Family resurgence gained steam last month with the December 20, 2016 execution-style murder of BMF lieutenant Ricky (Slick) McFarlin in Detroit.


The first rumors of a BMF “reboot” surfaced in 2009 with a fatal nightclub brawl in a Detroit suburb involving a reputed “second-generation” BMF crew.


They gained traction in the summer of 2014 after first-generation BMF lieutenant Christopher (Pig) Triplett, just two years removed from his release from prison on charges stemming from Operation Motor City Mafia, was busted again for drug dealing.

The 45-year old Triplett was arrested for possession with intent to distribute over $125,000 worth of a controlled substance in Ohio. His car was pulled over driving southbound on I-75 in the early morning hours of August 18, 2014 and uncovered two pounds of heroin in the vehicle’s air filter. He was sentenced to four years in prison in May and is scheduled for a 2018 out date.

Talk of a BMF comeback began circulating in August 2009 when reputed BMF crew chief Darnell (C-Bird) Cooley and two of his bodyguards beat a fellow patron of a Southfield, Michigan jazz club to death after an altercation in the club’s VIP section. The only witness to the incident was killed, shot-gunned to death outside the barber shop he worked at less than a month later on the eve of testifying in front a grand jury investigating the fatal jazz club beating. Cooley, 41, and his bodyguards were categorized as “second generation” BMF by authorities in the wake of the case hitting the local media, copped to manslaughter charges and each did five years in prison...



Slick McFarlin’s murder last month was the first known member of the organization to be slain. That being said, there have been rumors tying BMF brass and specifically Big Meech, to multiple homicides. While building his nationwide narcotics empire, romancing Hollywood starlets (according to Gangster Report, Meech had alleged flings with actresses Meagan Good and Vivica Fox) and crafting an everlasting image as a gangland legend of legend’s, Big Meech is suspected of carrying out at least two murders in his reign. Will 50 Cent include the alleged fling with his ex-girlfriend Vivica in the upcoming BMF mini-series?



The McFarlin hit occurred in the basement of a Westside Detroit residence. Initial word on the street is that the McFarlin’s murder is unconnected to BMF activity. The Detroit Police are handling the investigation into McFarlin’s death as drug related. He was killed alongside former NFL defensive end Robert Eddins (above).


Source: Gangster Report



Several years ago, reported on a rapper supplementing his income as an contract killer.  And according to writer Dagens Næringsliv: "One of the 16 pop stars signed to Jay-z's "Tidal," is an convicted cocaine smuggler (who also supplemented his income). "  This smuggler and an former Israeli intelligence officer were not able to obtain enough customers for Tidal, so the company began to inflate subscription numbers."


Here is the latest kill (payment) chart for domestic and international assassination assignments.


Listed below is the reported price of contract killings paid out to hit men by organized crime groups and individuals.

Argentina $3,749 to $5,555
Australia $13,610 to $83,000
BoliviaBetween $4,000 to $15,000
Colombia Base Salary- $2,000 to $4,000 per hit
France – Monaco $330,000
India – Mumbai Between $35 to $900
Italy – Mafia Hitman $3,700 for kneecapping, $27,000 for hit
Mexico –$85 to Minors
Mexico – $20,832 to target Police Chief
Mexico – Sinaloa $35
Mexico – Teenage Boys $10,000 to $50,000 per killing
Mexico – Teenage Girls $1,000 for killing
Philippines Death Squad $110 per hit
Spain: $69,000
United States and United Kingdom: $25,000
United States Soldier $5,000 by Juarez Drug Cartel
United States Soldier – Group of Snipers $800,000 for group of 3



Steven Russell Harts of the group Troop posted the following on his Facebook timeline on 1/19/17: "I think it's really sad after all the work I've done as a writer, and producer, and having top ten and number one records that I will never be what I want to be in the music Industry because I don't sleep with men..... F*ck the industry!"



Pictured Owners: George Soros, David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.





Mary Elizabeth Bowser (first black female spy in world history) was born a slave on a plantation near Richmond, Virginia to owner John Van Lew, a hardware businessman. Van Lew's daughter, Elizabeth and her mother freed the slaves after his death in 1851. Mary Elizabeth stayed with the Van Lew family as a servant; the family had her educated in Philadelphia. She married William or Wilson Bowser, a free Black man, while she worked at the Van Lew home.

During the Civil War, Bowser served as a spy for Ulysses S. Grant. She operated as a servant in the home of Confederate President, Jefferson Davis where she gathered important military information to pass on to the Grant administration. To avoid suspicion, she pretended she was crazy and went by the nickname, "Crazy Bet." While acting this way, she nursed Union soldiers and later housed Union soldiers who escaped from prison in her own home.

While the soldiers were there they told her information overheard from their Confederate captors; she wrote the information in cipher code and passed it on through the Union lines to Grant and other officers.

Bowser recorded the details of her espionage in a diary; this diary is now owned by a Black family who will not release it. Her date and place of death is unknown.


On September 21, 1862, a slave named William Benjamin Gould (WBG) escaped with seven other slaves by rowing a small boat 28 nautical miles (52 km) down the Cape Fear River and out into the Atlantic Ocean where the USS Cambridge of the Union blockade picked them up as contraband. Prior to the escape, Gould had been working as a plasterer at an antebellum mansion (now named the Bellamy Mansion) in Wilmington, North Carolina. At the time of his escape he appears to have been owned by Nicholas Nixon, a peanut planter and slave owner in Wilmington.

After his escape, Gould joined the U.S. Navy and believed he was "defending the holiest of all causes, Liberty and Union. Beginning with his time on the Cambridge and continuing through his discharge at the end of the war he kept a diary of his day-to-day activities. According to John Hope Franklin, WBG's Diary is one of three known diaries in existence written during the Civil War by former slaves. In the diary, WBG chronicles his trips to the northeastern United States, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, and England. The diary is distinguished not only by its details and eloquent tone, but also by its author's reflections on the conduct of the war, his own military engagements, race, race relations in the Navy, and what African Americans might expect after the war and during the Reconstruction Era.

After he was discharged from the Navy at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Massachusetts, he married Cornelia Rea in November 1865. Cornelia was a former slave who was then living on Nantucket and they corresponded throughout the war. The Goulds moved to Milton Street in Dedham, Massachusetts, and together they had two daughters and six sons. In Dedham, Gould "became a building contractor and community pillar."

His great-grandson, William B. Gould IV, served as chair of the National Labor Relations Board from 1994 to 1998 and edited his great-grandfather's diary into a book titled Diary of a Contraband: The Civil War Passage of a Black Sailor.



Both diaries mentioned above are worth millions on the open market.


If the diaries ever go to auction, Chris Webber and Mike Tyson would bid on them since both men collect African American artifacts. But they would have to compete with hundreds of thousands of white collectors.  Webber and Tyson are the only known "African American" artifacts collectors in the U.S.




Chris Webber has a personal collection of African-American artifacts which he began collecting in 1994. Upon entering the NBA, he began collecting artifacts, starting with the purchase of two slave records. Webber believes that these artifacts are a reflection of his beliefs and aspirations. He initially collected them as encouragements to face life obstacles. However, he had no intentions on exhibiting them until the growth of his collection prompted additional storage. His collection includes an original 1901 publication of an autobiography by Booker T. Washington, various documents, letters, and postcards signed by Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X. When not on public exhibit, the artifacts are stored at the Sacramento Public Library's Archival Vault. In previous years the Chris Webber Collection has previously been featured in Crocker Art Museum and Wayne State University.



Actress Jane Fonda said when she was on location in Louisiana starring in the film "Hurry Sundown," with Diahann Carroll and Raymond St. Jacques, Fonda kissed a little black boy in the street and the local whites told her to hurry up and finish the movie and get out of town.



Sonji Roi lost her parents early in life, this Chicago native ended up working in nightclubs to pay the bills and had one of the hottest acts on the East Coast. When she met Muhammad Ali, she was working as a cocktail waitress. She had also done some modeling and took up singing after her divorce from Ali.


Roi revealed that Ali actually proposed to her the night that they met and they were married in August 1964, making for an extremely short engagement. According to NYTW’s The Brief, the couple married in Gary, Indiana on August 14th. At the time, Roi was 23 years old, while Ali was slightly younger at age 22.

Roi and Ali reportedly met through Ali’s manager at the time, Herbert Muhammad.

They were divorced in January 1966, which made for a very short marriage. The couple never had children together though Ali went on to have nine kids throughout his life.

Roi went on two have two sons, one of which was with second husband, attorney Reynaldo Glover. Glover and Roi later divorced.

According to Roi, Ali’s Muslim customs and devotion to Islam caused a rift in their relationship. She felt that the Islam had affected Ali’s mind.  When the couple went out to dinner, Roi wasn't allowed to order her food, Ali would order for her.

"I wasn’t going to take on all the Muslims. If I had, I probably would have ended up dead."

Roi seemed to feel almost brainwashed into adopting Muslim dress and customs during her marriage to Ali.

2005: Sonji Clay-Glover, the first wife of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, was found dead in her Hyde Park home on Chicago's South Side, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office. She was 59.

Strangely, the ME determined that natural causes caused her death (despite her age) so no autopsy would be performed.





As Kim Kardashian West looks to start a new year in a different way after the difficulties of 2016, it seems she could be looking towards expanding her family as rumors abound she is “keen” to get on to baby number three.  I thought Kim was advised against giving birth to additional children.


Jennifer Lopez is ''head over heels for Drake." The 47-year-old star and the 30-year-old singer started dating late last year and friends say the romance is heating up. A source sayst: ''She's head over heels for Drake. It's a new relationship, but she really likes him. She's really into him.''


It turns out the same issues that we’ll see in the upcoming “New Edition” miniseries airing on BET next week are still ongoing with the group today. BBD members Ricky Bell, Ronnie Devoe and Michael Bivins visited Music Choice this week and revealed the simple facts about why they’re releasing another BBD album and not a New Edition project… Sad right? You would think Bobby, Ralph and Johnny would see the bigger picture


Donald Trump's team is continuing to try and dispel reports of his low Inauguration crowds ... this time, his Press Secretary Sean Spicer came to Trump's defense.  Spicer held a press conference Saturday where he claimed the crowd to witness Trump's swear-in Friday was the biggest of all time ... including physical, TV and digital viewers. Spicer blamed white tarps laid out in front of The Capitol for highlighting the empty spots in the crowd. Meanwhile, Donald Trump says his Inauguration brought crowds of over a million people, and the outlets claiming it was only 250k are just full of it.


Girl Crush: Joseline Hernandez says she’s been wanting to get it poppin’ with actress Tamera Mowry since childhood.



More drama in the Reggie Bush alleged baby scandal ... the woman claiming to be his mistress is MARRIED and now her husband wants out.


As we previously reported, a Miami nightclub waitress named Monique claims Bush (who is also married) sperminated her last year and approached him about child support. The baby is due in February.


Now, we've learned Monique was married at the time of the alleged tryst -- and her husband is PISSED. He's filed for divorce and it's clear from the docs he's convinced Bush is the father of her unborn kid.


He's named Bush several times in his divorce papers and is demanding she hand over any documentation proving he could be the father ... such as DNA tests, confidentiality agreements or payments he may have made to her.


The husband also notes he didn't have sex with his wife around the time of conception -- so there's no way HE could be the daddy.





Pictured Above:  An eggplant tower.



Pictured Above: Cheddar cheeseburger wrap.



Pictured Above: Chili cheese sausage dog.



Pictured Above: Taco lasagna. 



Pictured Above: Korean meatloaf.



Pictured Above:


Homemade brownie cake with chocolate ganache.



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Two drug dealers who allowed a four-year-old girl to eat heroin, diazepam, methadone and ketamine for months before her death have each been jailed for 13 years by a judge who said it was a case of “almost unremitting degradation."

Michala Pyke and John Rytting fed Pyke’s daughter, Poppy Widdison, sedatives to “subdue and sedate her to allow you to indulge in your own squalid passion”, a judge told the pair at Hull crown court.

Jeremy Richardson QC said Pyke was “utterly unfit to be a mother” and saw her daughter as an inconvenience in her relationship with Rytting.

Richardson said to the pair: “You both bear huge responsibility for blighting the life of a pretty, vivacious little girl.”

The judge said Poppy had been born a heroin addict and suggested Pyke even named her in reference to the drug.

“It reveals your deplorable attitude, together with that of your then partner, towards that innocent infant. It is of pellucid clarity to me that during the period covered by the indictment, and before that time, you both existed in the swamp of drug addiction and drug peddling.

“The life of Poppy may only be characterised as tragic from the moment she was conceived to the moment she died.”

The judge said Pyke had emotionally abused her young daughter and that her conduct was cruel and deliberate.

“You, Pyke, plunged that infant into the mire of drugs and the utter degradation of your unwholesome life,” he said. “It is clear to me that you both regarded Poppy as something of an irritant in respect of your baleful romance.

“You are utterly unfit to be a mother and abused your infant daughter in a significant manner by giving her drugs … The expressions of love towards Poppy you made during your evidence were a despicable masquerade.”

Poppy died in June 2013 after suffering a cardiac arrest at Rytting’s home, where prescription and controlled drugs were “left lying around”.

A postmortem examination could not establish a cause of death, but toxicology tests carried out on her blood and hair found various drugs, and showed the young girl had been exposed to and had ingested significant amounts of heroin and methadone for two to six months before her death.

Both defendants were sentenced for child cruelty by allowing Poppy to be accommodated in a house where prescribed and controlled drugs were unsecured and within reach of the child, and by encouraging her to ingest prescription and/or controlled drugs.

Pyke, 38, of Grimsby, was also sentenced for child cruelty by emotional abuse, possession of methadone with intent to supply and supplying the same drug.

The judge said her sentence was made up of nine years for the child cruelty offences and four years for the drug offences.

Rytting, 40, also from Grimsby, was sentenced for importing drugs, two counts of supplying controlled drugs and one count of possessing cannabis with intent to supply. The judge said he was given eight years for child cruelty offences and five for the drug offences.

Speaking outside court, Poppy’s uncle, James Widdison, said he did not think the family or social services could have foreseen what happened.

Flanked by the girl’s grandparents, Judi Widdison and Fred Soar, he said: “We’ve waited three and a half years for this day and it doesn’t get any easier.

The memories we have of her are everlasting. We won’t ever be distanced from that. There’s no such thing as closure with regards to this case.”







A new TV show which was recently cancelled revealed information about the real life "Hidden Figures," before the movie was ever mentioned in the media and this episode also wondered why Ron Howard never mentioned these women in his "Apollo," film which I stated before.


This same show also implied that a black woman was at the center of the Watergate scandal but she escaped to an overseas destination like Assata Shakur.


Specifically, a young African-American woman with a PhD in history who was born into an secret society and had been staying at the Watergate Hotel.


After the scandal, she wanted to escape the organization's clutches for good.

The names of members are never written down. Everything about them is off the books. And this secret society "controls all of us."

She escaped into the sunset in her BLA (Black Liberation Army) chauffeured lift to freedom.

This show also revealed: The mystery of Watergate tape's missing 18 minutes. One of the great political mysteries — what was said by President Nixon during a suspicious 18-minute gap on the Watergate tapes?  This also happened in real life.







On November 29, 1781, the crew of the slave ship Zong began throwing a total of 142 captives overboard in the Caribbean after navigational errors caused them to run low on water and supplies, thus maintaining the profitability of the voyage since insurance claims would cover cargo jettisoned to save the ship or other cargo.



Mabel Fairbanks (November 14, 1915 - September 29, 2001) worked as a domestic in a home overlooking Central Park during the late 1920s when she began figure skating after observing children at the park's ice rink. She performed in shows in New York until she relocated to Los Angeles and toured internationally, skating with Ice Capades in Mexico and later with Ice Follies.



Whites react to singer Paul Robeson appearing in their town after falsely being accused of being a communist, 2nd pic.  Black director Steve McQueen (12 Years A Slave) will do a film on this extraordinary man who was a singer, actor, scholar, lawyer, and an world class athlete. Robeson was a proud and dignified articulate black man, and this threatened bigots and they had to bring him down.  His career was destroyed by false communism allegations, and his passport was taken away so he couldn't make a living in Europe where he was a superstar.  Robeson died a broken man.  His biopic will be just as powerful as "Hidden Figures."



Charles "Chuck" Cooper (September 29, 1926 - February 5, 1984) was a four-year starter for Duquesne University where he was was the first African American to participate in a college basketball game south of the Mason–Dixon line. On April 25, 1950, Cooper was selected in the second round of the NBA draft by Boston Celtics owner Walter Brown, becoming the first African American drafted by the NBA. After his basketball career, he was Director of Pittsburgh's Parks & Recreation Dept.







"We Are Family," is a 1979 album by American R&B/Soul group Sister Sledge.


The album was written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of the band Chic, and includes four hit singles: The title track, "He's the Greatest Dancer," "Lost in Music," and "Thinking of You," all four of which have been sampled, remixed, and re–issued through the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

Chic worked with Sister Sledge, who had signed to Atlantic in 1973, at the inspiration of Atlantic president Jerry Greenberg.

Nile Rodgers remembered later; " That's why we came up with "We Are Family." Everything he said about them gave us a picture of them.


You've got to remember, we had never met them.


All of the content on that record came from that one day with the president. I was fascinated and enthralled by the concept of people who loved music who could be 'nice girls' in the midst of the whole disco era."

"We Are Family," is one of two albums produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers in 1979, the other being Chic's third album "Risqué," including hit singles "Good Times" and "My Forbidden Lover."

Nile Rodgers has written that of the various albums produced by The Chic Organization for themselves and others, "pound for pound, I think "We Are Family," is our best album hands down." The lead vocals to "We Are Family," were recorded in a single take by the then 18-year-old Kathy Sledge.

"He's the Greatest Dancer" was the first single from the album and became the group's first major hit, reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the R&B chart.

"We Are Family," was digitally remastered and reissued on CD by Rhino Records in 1995.






He's the king of his castle and he has a barely legal harem consisting of three females.


His money isn't as long as it once was due to numerous financial settlements (but he still has resources).


He enjoys molding these women into perfect obedient sex slaves.


This man is twisted and rumored to be filming sex scenes with these young ladies in his master bedroom and they are also required to watch adult films based on submission and deviance.


He's old enough to be their grandfather but he never could control his impulses.


Slowly but surely, he isolated these females from their friends, because he demands their complete attention and devotion when he's in town. It's also rumored that he's paid off a few concerned family members to look the other way.


Allegedly, he's on the hunt for a fourth woman to add to his growing harem?


Who is he?









You've probably heard of Napoleon Hill's legendary book "Think and Grow Rich," (2nd pic) which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

The bestselling book was the end result of interviewing and researching over 500 successful men and women in an effort to discover the exact method they used in order to achieve their respective goals.

Included among these 500 men and women were Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Schwab, Woodrow Wilson, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, along with many others.
In the introduction of his book, Napoleon Hill gives mention of a Hidden Secret, which was in essence, the exact how-to methodology of thinking and achieving the goals you desire, not just that of financial success.


The secret is revealed in the book: "The Hidden Secret in Think And Grow Rich," (first pic). 


Examples: "If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it."

"If you are ready to put it to use, you will recognize it at least once in every chapter."
"Somewhere as you read, the secret to which I refer will jump from the page and stand boldly before you, if you are ready for it! When it appears, you will recognize it."



Book Review:


I read the book and agree with it whole heartedly. I believe this was the much needed follow up to Napoleon Hill's classic.

When I first read "Think and Grow Rich," I missed the secret, so my results were great, but they were not consistent.

You will certainly enlighten a lot of souls."

Click on the top images for more information. 


-Kirk Nugent






This ebook shows you how to purchase your dream car or SUV at auction; saving thousands in the process. 


The ebook "How To Buy Cars At Auction," provides an array of information regarding car auctions; unknown to the public.


On the show "Miami Vice," Don Johnson portrayed a cop yet drove a convertible Ferrari that he purchased at a car auction (the type of auction described in the above ebook).


You can now make your dream a reality!


Priced At: $7.00 with a money back guarantee. Click on the above images to get started.




All Natural Remedies For The Most Common Food Cravings -- Carbs, Sugar, Alcohol, Soda, Salt, And More Are Covered In This Audio & Book. Click on the above image.


Learn How To Beat Cravings For:


Artificial Sweeteners & Aspartame – diet soda
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Carbohydrates – Bread and Pasta
Dairy Products – Cheese & Butter
Desserts – cookies, cakes, pies, donuts
Fried foods, fast foods, pizza
Oils and Fats
Salty snacks – chips, salted nuts, popcorn
Soda (Diet and Regular)
Sugar – Candy/Sweets
Wheat – bread, pasta, crackers

Alcohol – wine, beer, hard liquor








3 simple steps to eat lots of carbs and never store them as fat. Lower belly and abdominal fat as well.  The following 4 ebooks are free with purchase: (14 carbs cycling desserts, carb cycling dinners, day rapid fat loss-fast start guide and fat loss tricks).  60 Day money back guarantee. Click above images.





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Included in the ebook: A step-by-step formula (it only takes 3 steps), that you could use to dramatically improve your credit rating. A formula so powerful, it can add 257 points or more to your FICO Score.

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Vail: (Black supermodel turned-intelligence broker/assassin-in-training)....

Ryder: (CIA agent who went rogue/current enforcer and assassin for an illegal spider network).

Andreas Xavier: (The General of an illicit invisible empire named "Shadow Syndicate." This criminal conglomerate is involved in every illegal endeavor known to mankind.

Dominique Desiree: (Superstar attorney who unwittingly gets entangled in a web of deceit & deception).

Also starring: Jacks (CIA), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), Phelps (3-Charley/Sweeper), Lauryn (heads a cocaine banking cartel) and Cartier, (Former Black Hollywood drug kingpin/International Fugitive)......

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