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Ray Donovan and Olivia Pope are fictional fixers on TV where they do damage control for Hollywood stars and politicians.

In real life, fixers can find and obtain (hard to find) pharmaceuticals, miracle drugs and non-FDA approved drugs.

Click the above image to read about: Little known treatments and drugs used by celebrities and politicians to maintain their health.


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We have launched the "Panache Coffee & Tea Boutique." 


This private membership club will fed-ex samples of high-end coffee beans and upscale tea from every corner of the world. 



You will taste the finest coffees and teas from all over the globe from Panache Report's  own personal roaster (shop pictured above).


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We are currently affiliated with one of the world's best coffee roasters and your 3 lb order will consist of 1/2 lb of coffee from Guatemala, a 1/2 lb of coffee from Colombia and 2 lbs of coffee from Indonesia which will arrive 24 hours after the order is placed (anywhere in the world) to insure the freshness.


The best coffee in the world comes "only" in whole bean form therefore "you have to have a coffee grinder" so you can grind and brew your own coffee.


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Rihanna and The Weekend are set to perform at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The talented musicians have been announced as the acts to take to the stage at the runway event on December 8 in New York City.


Gabrielle Union admits that she and her husband (D. Wade) can't get enough of each other.  She adds: ''Like hot, delicious, it doesn't get old! Everyday he gets out of bed I'm like, 'Yes, thank you Jesus!' He looks just as good going as he does coming! It's nice! It's not a bad gig! Some people look at marriage as the end of freedom.  I've had to get used to him being so freakishly happy ... we really enjoy each other in a way that's probably not very healthy for us.''


Kim Kardashian West raids her husband Kanye West's wardrobe when she can't find anything to wear. The 34-year-old reality TV star has admitted she turns to her designer spouse's bedroom cupboards when she struggles to put together an outfit using her own clothes.



Lamar Odom is fighting for his life after falling into unconsciousness at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nevada ... TMZ Sports has learned.


Sources at the Love Ranch tell us ... 35-year-old Odom arrived at the Ranch Saturday and was partying with the girls for days. A source at the Ranch said Lamar was taking an herbal substitute for Viagra.


We spoke with Hof ... who tells us Tuesday afternoon, a woman went into Odom's room in the VIP suites and found him unconscious.


We're told the woman began screaming for the manager -- who called 911.


The manager rolled Lamar over on his side and saw "mucus-type liquid coming out of his nose and mouth."


An ambulance took Lamar to Pahrump hospital, where doctors intubated him ... an indication he could not breathe on his own.


We're told Lamar is being airlifted from the hospital to Las Vegas for more treatment.


Our sources tell us, "It's not good."


We're told Lamar had been partying at the ranch by himself -- with no friends or entourage -- and is now alone at the hospital.


The ranch staff says they want to be in the room with Lamar but since they're not family they're not allowed.





Bobby Brown is working on "My Prerogative," with co-writer Nick Chiles for publishers at "Dey Street Books," who promise that the "raw and unvarnished" memoir will " tell the full story of his life and set the record straight, particularly about his relationship with Whitney Houston."






Like Waygu steaks and hamburgers; (the finest grade of meat in the world), you now have waygu hot dogs. Waygu hot dogs are sold in restaurants and diners for $14 per hot dog.



You can now replace traditional garlic bread with cheesy shrimp ciabatta; absolutely delicious with a slight garlic flavor.









When you think of musical fraud, you only think of Milli Vanilli, other cases are mentioned below.





On June 25th, 2009, the world lost one of its most beloved entertainers, Michael Jackson. His last album, Michael, was released the next year. Many conspiracy theories surround the singer and his death to this day, but perhaps one of the most damaging ones is the theory put forth by members of his own family that he did not sing some of the tracks on his last album.His daughter, Paris, and other members of the Jackson family have claimed that the real singer behind the tracks is a man named Jason Malachi (top pic). Indeed, Malachi’s voice is uncannily similar to that of the late King of Pop.


The rumor mill exploded as web pages covering the subject filled the web and a Facebook page devoted to uncovering the truth popped up. Both Michael Jackson’s record label and his estate have denied the rumors, claiming it is just another case of celebrity infatuation gone mad.



The subject of the acclaimed 2012 documentary "Searching for Sugar Man," Sixto Rodriguez is the real deal when it comes to his music. Unfortunately, the executive behind his career, Clarence Avant (aka the Black Godfather In Music) fraudulently released a great deal of his material under false identities to bypass his contract. Unbeknownst to Rodriguez, two of his 1970s albums became very popular in South Africa in the ’90s, becoming the soundtrack to the anti-apartheid movement.


It was only when he traveled to South Africa and discovered his immense popularity there that he began to suspect all was not right.When Searching for Sugar Man was released, Rodriguez discovered that his album Cold Fact had sold over 500,000 copies in the exotic nation. Most of the tracks were released under the name of a fictional brother, Jesus Rodriguez. Avant simply swapped names and released the tracks under his own label instead of Rodriguez’s. Shortly after the evidence came to light, Rodriguez sued Avant for the royalties he was unjustly denied for over three decades. Avant’s response was unapologetic, saying of the singer he stole from “I wish him the best. The fame will be over within a year.”



In 1972, David Bowie released one of his most successful and acclaimed albums, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. Forty years later, a recording of an awe-inspiring gospel cover of the song “Starman” from that album by an unknown singer named Milky Edwards went viral on YouTube. Soon, other covers of Bowie’s work under Edwards’s name surfaced, and a sensation that had been lost for decades was seemingly reborn.It was all a hoax, however, uncovered after some diligent research and straightforward thinking on the part of music fans.


For one thing, the album cover art presented in the YouTube video seemed to fit the style of the 1960s more than anything that would have been released in the decade that followed. Second, the recording itself seems to have been digitally manipulated and unlike how a record would sound played on a record player.


Lastly, the fact that “Milky Edwards” and his band “the Chamberlings” came out of nowhere to the limelight seemed a little too convenient, especially as it was reported that the lead singer was now dead and very little information could be found on him or his band anywhere.Some fans don’t care whether the recordings were faked, claiming that the music is too great to ignore regardless of its origins. To this day, Milky Edwards has a strong following via YouTube and other social media outlets, even though he probably never even existed.



One person claiming the work of another as their own is offensive enough, but one person claiming the work of 66 different people is downright ridiculous. Amazingly, that is exactly what Joyce Hatto managed to pull off.Hatto was a mediocre pianist who released dozens of recordings to little acclaim during the ’80s and early ’90s before experimenting with her first fraudulent recording in 1993. She and her husband began to steal from other pianists on a regular basis, careful to only use the works of great but obscure musicians that they could pass off as her own. Until Hatto’s death at age 75 in 2006, almost everyone in the classical music world believed she was one of the greats.The technological innovation that allowed the couple to manipulate recordings and thereby more successfully cover their tracks would eventually also lead to their downfall. When certain recordings of Hatto’s pieces were uploaded to iTunes, they were matched up with other, less-known pianists whose work was also hosted on the service.


This, along with the discovery of an almost completely fabricated recording career that included a fake orchestra and conductor, revealed the truth.It is unknown to what level Joyce herself participated in the fraud. During the period of her career when most of her fraudulent recordings were released, she was old and terminally ill with cancer. What is known is that the man she married, record producer William Barrington-Coupe, had been involved in shady dealings of a similar nature in the past. In the end, he claimed he did it to give his dying wife a sense of happiness and accomplishment. “My wife was completely unaware I did this, and I simply let her hear the finished editing that she thought was completely her own work,” was the statement he made concerning the affair. Whether she was in on the fraud or not, the damage it did in terms of lost recognition to those whose work was stolen is incalculable.







It's recently been reported that the Navy Seals will open up their ranks to women.


Allegedly, it's never been publicized but several women have been trained in special operations in the last decade (secretly).


Due to their special ops status and their security clearance, their fingerprints aren't in any database; in essence, they're ghosts.


These women are highly skilled in marksmenship, languages, and hand-to-hand combat.


It's also required that Navy Seals hold their breath for 3-5 minutes underwater.




Airborne operations, counter-insurgency, "counter-terrorism", covert ops, direct action, hostage rescue, high-value targets/manhunting, intelligence operations, mobility operations, and unconventional warfare.







Jeremiah was playing with friends in his family's yard at their residence on LaFontaine Avenue in the New York City borough of the Bronx on June 25, 1985. An unidentified African-American male called to Jeremiah from the street; when Jeremiah approached him, the suspect grabbed him and disappeared. Neither of them have ever been seen again.


Jeremiah's parents both became addicted to drugs after his disappearance; his mother has since entered recovery and is still searching for her son.


Police believe he may have been sold (into sex trafficking) after his abduction, but Jeremiah's mother believes he was taken by an abusive, jealous former boyfriend of hers who had previously threatened to abduct the child. Little evidence is available in Jeremiah's case, which remains unsolved.





A man accused of trying to kidnap a little girl outside a Solana Beach Elementary School is back in custody on a new charge related to another alleged kidnapping victim. He is now being held on $5 million bail.

Jack Doshay (whose father owns a percentage of the San Diego Padres franchise-pictured above) was scheduled to appear in court. The prosecution said there may be changes to the charges he's facing.

While he walked into the courtroom, Doshay was silent when questioned by reporters as he was accompanied by an escort from the facility where he is staying. The 23-year-old faces charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and child cruelty. He's accused of attempting to kidnap a seven-year-old black girl from Skyline Elementary in Solana beach in March.

Doshay allegedly grabbed the girl on campus, put his hand over her mouth, tried to put packing tape on her face and told her to get into his SUV. But she fought back and he released her.

The Fairbanks Ranch resident faces 11 years in prison if convicted. He is currently wearing a GPS monitor ankle bracelet and his attorney, Paul Pfingst, said Doshay is receiving psychiatric care. Doshay was first released from jail on $2.5 million dollars bail.

The parents of the seven-year-old girl were also in court.






Aretha considered Diana Ross and Gladys Knight competition for her "Queen of Soul" throne according to David Ritz.



According to Ray Charles, C. L. Franklin's church included both sinners and saints apparently saying they had sex and weed orgies.


We already know that Aretha suffered in an abusive "marriage" to Ted White, Ritz confirms Betty Wright's account that he was a pimp. She pretended like the marriage was going well until they divorced in 1968.


Aretha's marriage caused her to drink heavily and binge on food. She was so stone faced drunk one night that she fell down onstage and broke her arm. This caused her to escape from the studio from months on end. Aretha calmed down her alcohol intake by the mid-1970s according to the book but continued to suffer from binging on food.



Aretha dismissed Whitney Houston after they recorded their duet in 1989. She also fell out with Mavis Staples. Aretha and Luther Vandross also had a big falling out. Whenever she wanted to quiet down stories of her wild lifestyle, she would usually call JET to make up stories about her.



Aretha once called Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards to collaborate with her on a disco album around 1979 but they said that her demands were too much and they decided not to give her the material they had written for her. Instead, they went with Diana for the "Diana" album in 1980.


Allegedly, C.L. Franklin was detained for cocaine possession in the '60s and smoked weed daily.


Allegedly, C. L. had a massive porn collection that was discovered after the June 10, 1979 incident where he was shot at his home.

According to a biography, it was said he would seek potential girlfriends and one night stands while preaching; apparently he had a huge harem of groupies following him during these church conventions.









You've probably heard of Napoleon Hill's legendary book "Think and Grow Rich," (2nd pic) which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

The bestselling book was the end result of interviewing and researching over 500 successful men and women in an effort to discover the exact method they used in order to achieve their respective goals.

Included among these 500 men and women were Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Schwab, Woodrow Wilson, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, along with many others.
In the introduction of his book, Napoleon Hill gives mention of a Hidden Secret, which was in essence, the exact how-to methodology of thinking and achieving the goals you desire, not just that of financial success.


The secret is revealed in the book: "The Hidden Secret in Think And Grow Rich," (first pic). 


Examples: "If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it."

"If you are ready to put it to use, you will recognize it at least once in every chapter."
"Somewhere as you read, the secret to which I refer will jump from the page and stand boldly before you, if you are ready for it! When it appears, you will recognize it."



Book Review:


I read the book and agree with it whole heartedly. I believe this was the much needed follow up to Napoleon Hill's classic.

When I first read "Think and Grow Rich," I missed the secret, so my results were great, but they were not consistent.

You will certainly enlighten a lot of souls."

Click on the top images for more information. 


-Kirk Nugent






This ebook shows you how to purchase your dream car or SUV at auction; saving thousands in the process. 


The ebook "How To Buy Cars At Auction," provides an array of information regarding car auctions; unknown to the public.


On the show "Miami Vice," Don Johnson portrayed a cop yet drove a convertible Ferrari that he purchased at a car auction (the type of auction described in the above ebook).


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Oils and Fats
Salty snacks – chips, salted nuts, popcorn
Soda (Diet and Regular)
Sugar – Candy/Sweets
Wheat – bread, pasta, crackers

Alcohol – wine, beer, hard liquor








3 simple steps to eat lots of carbs and never store them as fat. Lower belly and abdominal fat as well.  The following 4 ebooks are free with purchase: (14 carbs cycling desserts, carb cycling dinners, day rapid fat loss-fast start guide and fat loss tricks).  60 Day money back guarantee. Click above images.





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Vail: (Black supermodel turned-intelligence broker/assassin-in-training)....

Ryder: (CIA agent who went rogue/current enforcer and assassin for an illegal spider network).

Andreas Xavier: (The General of an illicit invisible empire named "Shadow Syndicate." This criminal conglomerate is involved in every illegal endeavor known to mankind.

Dominique Desiree: (Superstar attorney who unwittingly gets entangled in a web of deceit & deception).

Also starring: Jacks (CIA), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), Phelps (3-Charley/Sweeper), Lauryn (heads a cocaine banking cartel) and Cartier, (Former Black Hollywood drug kingpin/International Fugitive)......

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By popular demand!  Please join us for a private screening of Ballin 5-7, available on PR for a limited time only!

Ballin 5-7, features: Jacks (CIA), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), and Phelps (3-Charley/Sweeper).

*Lauryn Allen (Cocaine Banking Kingpin) and her brother Cartier Allen (Black Hollywood Drug Lord) from the short story "Cocaine Banking Cartel," will be making a special appearance in Ballin' 7©.

You will be taken on an espionage thrill ride with a black shadow team of covert operatives from Dubai to Hollywood.

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*To read about Hollywood Damage Control Experts (Fixers), International Intrigue and Movie Star Coverups, click the following link: SPYCRAFT & EYES ONLY




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